Sunday, August 07, 2011

Upgrading to Faster Broadband

Last November I decided on unlimited Internet access. Previously I felt it was a waste to be logged on continuously when I don't need the service. But the inconvenience and cheaper access cost (with unlimited free national calls to fixed lines) made me decide to be always online and the past 8 months has been life transforming. I literally live on the Net and the iPad and smartphone gave me the joy to be 'live' all the time. But I was on just 1Mbps download access speed which is really slow. A few days ago I discovered streaming movie of HD quality. I was hooked and discovered another dimension of cyber life I can live on. So I thought I should upgrade.

On Friday I went to the phone company service centre and put in my application to upgrade to the 4Mbps download speed. It will cost me a little more each month but the deal is definitely worth it. My 'trial' has confirmed life on the fast Internet lane is here to stay. This afternoon a technician came to my house to demonstrate to me that he had made the necessary equipment connection to allow the faster Internet connection. Technically the new speed limit is already at my doorstep which just need activation from the server. Over the next few days I will experience the 4x speed boost. I know I am going to like it.

Updated August 15, 2.00pm. I finally connect to the Internet at 4Mbps download speed.

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