Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking Things in Stride for 2 Months

This is a picture of my back neighbour who have extended his house with the roof close to the common boundary line. He has promised to install a rain gutter to collect the runoffs from the roofs so the rain will not run into my house compound. The rainy season is starting and I hope my backyard won't be receiving gush of water from my back neighbour.

This is my other neighbour on the side and higher up. His contractor has just mobilized and work has begun two days ago. The owner promised his contractor will be civil and considerate in minimizing pollution - noise and dust - as well as finish the work within 2 months. During this period my wife will be shifting the laundry racks to make sure the clothings put out to sun are not trapping cement, wood and asbestos dusts. At the same time the windows facing the back and side are kept closed and our grandchildren kept indoor except when the construction work have stopped for the day. The external walkways and garage are flushed with water daily to remove the dust and debris that settle on them daily. Looks like we cannot avoid it so have to take things in stride. At least after that we will have neigbors again, hopefully good ones.

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