Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflecting Our Lives

This morning I received a lovely PowerPoint file with scenic and serene pictures of nature reflecting through mirrors of calm and peaceful waters. It is almost as if the real and its image are twins. It was a very therapeutic experience just studying each of these photo. I begin reflecting this thought: is the life we live a true reflection of our true self? Or are there pockets of deceptions in the way we reveal ourselves to families, friends and strangers that hide who we really are? I guess not many of us can claim we show our true personality to others, we often hide some, and act up something else to show the side we want revealed even if it isn't real. Lies never survive in the calm of lives. True reflections are easily destroyed when the waters are disturbed. So when we are not at peace within we cannot reflect our true being. And with that the loss of tranquility and peaceful living.

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