Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Heart for my Smartphone

Last week my Galaxy Ace suddenly decided to shutdown randomly, on Saturday 5 times and I had to restart it every time. It wasn't battery strength and most likely hardware or OS related. I went onto the Android Forum for an answer, most of the suggestions I've tried before when the same problem first surfaced around June. Why it recur now was puzzling and I felt I need to bring it in for repair since it is still under warranty. Before I proceeded I had the contacts and bookmarks backed up but I was disappointed the apps I installed could not be backed up like the iPad can through the iTune. To be sure I can find them again quickly from the Market I wrote them down, some 30 of them, and then brought the phone to the Samsung service centre. The technician Ah Yee, a personable Chinese man, was very helpful. He made sure that I know what will happen to my smartphone, that everything in it will be wiped out when he flash in the operating system again. It was still the Android 2.2.1 (Froyo). The 2.3 (Gingerbread) is still not officially available for this model. As I waited Ah Yee changed a new heart for my Galaxy Ace and it was done in 15 minutes. To assure me that service is paramount, he said that should the problem recur he will replace the chipset for me. That's nice.

Now my smartphone is faster and doesn't drain the battery as fast and is cooler. After a full recharge last night the battery level is still a healthy 82% 12 hours later at a near standby mode with wifi switched on to receive emails. Last night I decided to install back some 60% of the previously installed apps. The rest I deem not relevant to my needs.

I hope that I will have a trouble free use of my Galaxy Ace for a long time.

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