Friday, August 12, 2011

Neighbors Alive!

An unfamiliar sound drift into my house as I blog this. A motorized cement mixer is sounding like a twin engine propeller plane warming up to lift off. It is both welcomed and unwelcomed. The unwelcoming part is not the noise but the dirt and dust coming from my rear neighbor's house that is going to be extended. Two days ago contractors came to clear the compound and prepare the ground to add extra buildup rooms that will extend right against our common party wall. It is illegal as the buildings bylaws require a set off of at least 10 feet between buildings to minimize fire hazards, but many residents simply ignore this and are willing to pay penalties instead. Laws are simply flouted. After the renovation we will get a new neighbor, hopefully someone kind, friendly and environmentally responsible.

Our neighbor next to us on higher ground sold off his property recently to a military engineer who also plan to add extra rooms. He will put up 2 rooms, one on top of the other, near to where my home office is. Although the work hasn't started yet, I am not confident I will be spared of more noise, dust and debris. Hopefully the building contractor will be civil and considerate.

Hemmed in by 2 renovation works for at least 2 months I hope there will be an improvement when the new residents move in to make the neighborhood more alive and safer. For now life is not as peaceful or the air clean. My wife had moved the laundry racks to the front garden to reduce pollution on the clothings, especially the children's.

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