Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I Pretend

Des O'Connor is one singer I've not seen (until now) and whose song I Pretend is the only one of his songs I know. Yet it has found a place in my memory because the lyrics connect me to a time when I was struggling with a failed love. In the moments of loneliness and despair I borrowed Des song to express how I felt. Now, each time I listen to it I return to that year when I lost my first love. Des is 79 but surprisingly 'energetic' and positive. Read THIS latest news about the soon-to-be octogenarian.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,all things happened for a reason,i am sure you're happy with the way life worked out eventually for you now.Man proposes,God disposes,for a reason only known to God.By the way its a beautiful song to listen to and i am sure the lyrics would have touched lots of people,including me ahahahahaha.regards and God Bless,fr AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, I could never imagine the road of life I took but here I am today, looking back, reminiscing and not regretting, thankful and grateful for many blessing I don't deserve. But pretending is a form of cheap escape from reality and truth that allows me to balance what I now have with what I could have. What if I took the other road? I may not have met you. Warm regards. Peter.


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