Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Growing Concerns on Malaysian Affairs

Out of curiosity I scanned my posts under the various labels and was shocked to discover that I wrote the most on Malaysian Politics & Society followed by Oversea Holidays, a distant second spot. My first post on MP&S was written HERE on February 4, 2009 which triggered my anger over the shameful and unconstitutional usurpation of power by the Barisan Nasional coalition from Pakatan Rakyat after the latter lost 3 state seats through defection. I lost my respect for BN there and then. I am sure I wasn't the only angry person. I believe most men and women in the street and in the coffee shops were as frustrated and upset. I believe they too switched political allegiance from that day. I wasn't interested in politics until the 12th general election of February 8, 2008 but it was what that occurred nearly a year later that make me decide to pay more attention to the political development and evolution of my country, which was why I wrote about current events over 240 times in over 2 years.

Most of the time I wrote negatively because I was disillusioned and angry at how shallow and clueless our government leadership was and is. It was a sad reflection of how impoverished our government had become, and it all happened under the current prime minister. Sometimes I refuse to write anymore as it seemed helpless but let commentaries by other writers to be shared here. I refuse to criticize the stupidity of our leaders. I won't waste time criticizing someone undeserving. However I will still write about my beloved Malaysia. Stripped of the government we see lovely Malaysians living in harmony. Many are suffering from high costs of living, poor housing and declining standard of education and public safety. I really long for responsible leaders who will help stabilize race unity and strengthen our economy. I am sure with constructive leadership we can heal our years of brokenness and separation. Let us learn to reconcile and restore the best in us. I look forward to the days my posts under this label will be happy and positive, not so much about poor governance and corruption but about human goodness.

A few months ago I blogged about patriotism. I concluded that we are loyal to our homeland and it is the government that made many of us feel alienated, unwanted and unappreciated. Whatever our skin colors or our faith, our blood run the same red color through our veins. Like the trees of many species they may be different externally but they carry life giving sap (latex) from the ground to the leaves. Malaysia is a land of plenty. Manage it well we will be a happier lot and millions of our best will stay home to serve the nation. Sadly today millions of our best are replaced by millions of unskilled foreign workers making Malaysia a rojak (pickled fruit salad) nation.

Choose the right government we stand a very good chance of recovering our lost years and be competitive again. This is what we adults owe to our children and grandchildren. The change will neither be smooth nor easy. There will be plenty of sabotage and back stabbing but if we persevere and put our trust in a new team of leaders I believe we will see the fruits of our efforts in as little as 5 years. Whoever our political leaders may be, we must NEVER give them a blank cheque to run our nation. Use our votes to check their performance so we can have the best government to make us a truly prosperous country to be envied.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i cannot even spell the word POLUNTICS,see let alone understand it,i always have the impression that we joined a poluntical party to elect leaders to serve the rakyat and be our nominated representatives to see to our well being in a country we all love,but sadly this is not the case,with 31st AUG looming large lets make an effort to remind ourselves in the next coming GE to vote wisely and make it count so that our generation and the generation after will once again find MALAYSIA heaven on AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Hello Al, your comment reminds me of the word LUNATICS! A most appropriate word for a bunch of clowns who has no business running a serious nation. Not just the date, Aug 31 but also Feb 8 and July 9 to reinforce our common desire to bring a new life to our country. Keep the kettle boiling, Al. We'll be having a tea party! Peter.


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