Monday, August 22, 2011

Foundation Building

Every building construction begins from the foundation after its plans have been drawn, studied and approved. Likewise we approach our life similarly and not haphazardly although at times we may need to make deviations due to unplanned developments. However if we plan carefully we minimize such risks. Having thought carefully how our life mission is to be then we plan the building process. Can this be applied to a child in his growing years by his parents? It is hard but not impossible although many parents seldom take this approach or take it in a piecemeal manner. Planning and building are the two vital pillars for a successful growth of any organization, even a person. However some build without a plan and others plan but fail to build. A successful mission is one that complements each other and you will see the fruits of the efforts made years later.

What makes a foundation strong? A physical structure is made of sand and stone and in some cases, steel bars as well. But an organization such as a church, a company or a charitable society is made up of people foundation, not bricks and mortar. It is vital to build this human foundation with the right values and motivation for it is they who sustains the work and growth of the places they contribute their efforts.

Every foundation supports the structure that sits upon it. If the first floor cracks it means a poorly built foundation. Conventional wisdom tells us that every lower floor becomes the foundation for the next floor and the combined strength of all the lower floors make the next higher floor more stable. You understand when you imagine the acrobat gymnasts climbing up one on each other to build a human tower. However there is always a limit. I reckon we cannot go on building taller and taller structures, or larger and larger corporations. Other external factors will harm the building or the organization causing great devastation the taller or bigger they become.

Another thought I like to share is the need to allow a foundation to set before it has to bear a load. Otherwise it is unprepared for its role of providing support. So are the many human institutions like education, marriage, faith and career building. The common factor is time. Great people share the common characteristics of having gone through time tested trials for such are the foundation stones that mark their eminence. If we examine the monumental historic man made structures that still stand the test of time, you will realize that they had all been built upon solid ground and with strong foundations. Which brings up the final but the most important point, which is that no matter how strong we design and build our life's foundation, if we build it in the wrong place, like upon quicksand it will surely fail.

Given a right place, a man whose life hangs without a foundation is one who drifts aimlessly, settling nowhere and producing no concrete results for himself or his family or his community. What a waste that life is!

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