Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Education for the Future

Something is terribly wrong with human society at the rate we are decivilizing. Look at the increasing number of disenchantments as reflected by street demonstrations, overthrow of governments, collapses of financial institutions, rising poverty and crime rates as well as deterioration of human values in general although we have great religions to reach our souls. The core culprit? I'd like to think we must revamp our entire education system and policy, not just for my country but worldwide. Below are my thoughts.

No less than 2 languages must be made mandatory. In a multiracial nation like mine where English is not any of our mother tongue it is a constant struggle to decide which two languages to decide. Personally it is a done thing that for global communication English must be one of them. The second the national language, or majority race language. A third optional language may be offered which a minority race will have to decide. Nations with less complexing racial mix like China, Japan, Germany and India should find it easier deciding on the language syllabus.

No matter how we progress or regress, mathematics is the second most important subject in schools because it is the language of living in a real world.

Information Technology
This must be made a mandatory subject from primary school where children are exposed to different IT impacts. The sooner they understand this modern day subject the better and more well rounded they become.

No child must be deprived of studying and choosing a religion. We may live in a physical world but our souls need to know and be nourished by a theological knowledge it can accept.

This subject must be well taught and applied for upon its execution the success of inter-relationship between man and man, man and nature and race and race rest. A root cause why civil society is deteriorating is that we care less for others and our environment. Civics must be taught from nursery to university and to include global understanding of different cultures and traditions.

From money management to investments every child should be aware of the many options to plan his life. The study of economics also broaden the scope of understanding global financial issues. Within this subject the basics of accounting, business and management should be taught.

I believe we should de-emphasize pure sciences and promote applied sciences from where emerge all the great professions of medicine, engineering, architecture and teaching.

Art and Music
These pillars are erected upon the foundation of every race and must be appreciated throughout the education cycle of a person.

Human History
History are studied to understand why they happened, their impact on humanity as a whole and lessons to be learned. History must be mandatory but not over emphasized.

This is one subject I think should be made an elective subject. It is a knowledge I hardly apply and I don't think will be missed if we know less.

You may think our children should not involve in politics but I say it is precisely we as adult surrender the right of responsible governing that so many nations are falling apart. Our children need to understand what political systems are available and suitable because it help them better judge the government they choose.

Sex Education
This is no longer culturally restrictive as we are more opened to the human sexuality. Every person is curious but ignorance always guide him to misunderstanding of how his sex affects his life and relationship. Early intervention in sex education is important from about 4-8 and 12-15 for it is about these age bands children explore their bodies and are mystified by their new found sexuality.

I believe all the subjects must be taught basically from very young and as the child grows taught in greater details and with deeper analysis and application in real life. Education is for the living, for the social being, for the impovement of our society and stewardship of our precious environment. A shift in thinking and preparing education and educating for life is critical in upholding our civilization.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i sokong,i agree,how i wish YAB PM can form a task force or THINK TANK comprising of MALAYSIANS that can help to improve the declining Govt policies as highlighted by your n3.


Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, the first requisite is recognition of a failed system. This we are not seeing so wishing for a think tank is just wishing. Our biggest problem is using education as an experiment to manipulate the future of our children. We celebrate freedom from colonial rule today. Somehow we are being shackled by another form of bondage which education is a part thereof. Nonetheless we must exercise our freedom to determine the best system for us. Peter.


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