Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Words of Wisdom in the Bible

The Bible is a great book, a resource of wisdom that enrich both young and old. Do not feel compelled to resist it because you fear being converted. No, the Bible is a collection of many books that can teach us to become better human beings if only we are willing to read and open our hearts and minds to think about them.

The Bible help us express many of our inner feelings in words we cannot put on our lips, with thoughts that cannot form clearly in our heads, and with emotion we find hard to recognize or ashamed to confess. The Bible is a story of human failures and errors and how God help deal with them. One of the greatest books in the Bible that profit anybody is the Book of Proverbs. Perhaps it should be called Book of Wisdom instead for clarity as some people may have mistaken it to be a collection of proverbs. From this book one can discover a storehouse of good advice and warnings which are sorely needed in this morally decaying and misdirected society we live in. I should say this book is a lighthouse to guide those trying to rediscover their true bearings in life in a non threatening way. Today I'd like to share this basic verse with you.

In the very first chapter are found these exhortations:

Listen, my son, to your father's instruction
And do not forsake your mother's teachings
They will be a garland to grace your head
And a chain to adorn your neck.

When we see so many families breaking apart and children disobeying their parents, and growing up to become irresponsible adults and future parents themselves we can expect our society to consist of more and more delinquents and law breakers. To be good parents you must have good parents, and good teachers. If you have both you will not worry in failing as responsible parents. However, if your parents fail to guide you, even if you had good teachers, or you refused to listen, you are likely to fail as good parents, and for that your children will suffer, not of their fault, but the fault of your stubbornness and our school syllabuses that fail to emphasize and teach moral values.

A good tree grows from good ground and bear good fruits which passerbys enjoy. Likewise a nation that raise up her people to be morally upright citizens will be strong and be looked up by other nations for leadership and advice.

It is not too late to heed good advice. No parents destroy their children with bad advice and teachings for doing so is destroying their very own good name. So heed advice from your parents. If they sound like nagging it is because they think you have not heard it well the first, second or third time. Good advice is always worth repeating for the urgency of correcting errors is great. Don't wait until your parents are dead and you realize you should have listened to them years ago. A good advice heeded help prevent years of sorrows and much loss. Be wise to receive and apply good advice instead of testing every situation guided by your own wisdom and instinct. History is valuable only if we learn from its mistakes. The wheel need not be reinvented in every generation. Be consumers of wise words instead and then pass them down the line to your children and grandchildren and even to your neighbors. They will profit immensely from your valuable teachings.

What is the garland and chain referred to above? Like medals they are given to those who know when to listen and apply what they have learned for they are true champions in righteous living.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i cannot agree with you more,all that teaches good have to be respected and treasured.Most importantly must have FAITH in yourself.
faith is believing
faith is being strong
faith is being believeable
faith is believing in what you can become
faith is believing god and what he can do for you.
God Bless Fr AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Hi Al, good teachings often compete against self gratification which is the current culture. Parents are all the more important to arrest this moral decay. Believing in self is part of the larger equation of doing well. Of greater importance is having faith in God from whom all good teachings emanate. In a sense God is the perfect parent. May He bless us all with obedience to discern and learn. Peter.


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