Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend in Sitiawan and Ipoh

Blogging from the lobby of Orient Star Lumut in Perak waiting for our room to be ready. The weather is hazy, must be the spillover from the open fire burning in Sumatra just across the Straits of Malacca. We are back to celebrate my mother's birthday tomorrow. The drive from Seremban was leisurely with my wife and grand daughter behind me. Took a lunch break at Bidor and met a church friend couple on their way up to Cameron Highlands. The food at Pun Chung is really expensive. No wonder we see fewer guests eating although it was just 12.30pm. Arrived OS at 3.30pm and was disappointed our room is only being prepared. But the free wifi help overcome the dismay. Tonight will be a gathering of all relatives who came back, including those from the States and UK. Grand daughter is excited to be going for a dip in the resort pool later. I called my old classmate to set up a meeting tomorrow afternoon. It will be a tight weekend.

Room finally ready at 3.55pm. Will blog later.

Room standard is average but facilities poor. No room directory, no baggage rack. Minimal toiletry and beverage packs. For the price we pay Regalodge Ipoh is of better value at cheaper rate. The only comparable feature is free wireless wifi in the room as well. The pool does not have a shower to wash before a bather enters the pool. The taps to wash the feet should have at least one above the head for showering.

Breakfast was all local fare, pretty average. The only reason I can think of why the room rate is high is the pool and gym facilities. The resort has a private beach not recommended for swimming but there is space for beach volleyball. As the weather was cloudy and balmy we decided not to swim in the pool. Lunchtime we met up my old classmate in Kampong Koh. I gave him some old vinyl records that he appreciated very much.

My 3 grandkids had a whale of their time playing in the kiddy pool this afternoon and refused to stop until made to.

Tonight was a grand affair. Relatives and friends gathered over 12 tables in a local restaurant to celebrate my mother's 86th birthday. Tonight she was the happiest person on earth.

There is no sunrise as our room faces west with a view of the naval base. As I stood on the balcony I felt the rain breeze and saw wisps of mist rising from the trees of the nearby hill and heard the birds sing. Time stood still. I wish I can stay longer but we are checking out today for the drive to Ipoh to visit my wife's father. He turned 93 last month. After an overnight stay we will drive home to Seremban.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,you are a good son.Well done for making your mum very happy on her 86th birthday.GOD BLESS,regards AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Hi Al, hope you have a smashing weekend wherever you are. I believe nothing beats making each other happy, although sometimes we make our loved ones sad by our careless words. I believe in giving others good memories. When we are old what else do we look forward to but the good times of our past? Giving my mother a good time is giving her a great memory to strengthen her in the coming years. This year ALL her children and MOST grandchildren and great grandchildren came home. That is why some of us are staying out in hotels! Peter.


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