Saturday, July 02, 2011

An Unfortunate Upcoming Confrontation

When I read THIS morning report fear curled up inside me as I await the dreaded confrontation next Saturday afternoon as two forces or more are set to face each other. The BERSIH demonstrators claimed theirs will be a peaceful march. However, all it take is some instigation to set a chain reaction that can jeopardize the event out of control that the police will find it necessary to start firing their water cannons and tear gas. People will be certainly be injured, lives may even be lost. Most certainly the event will attract international coverage and whether the march ends without untoward incident or not, Malaysia will find herself in the news again for the wrong reasons. Stock market, investor confidence and tourism will surely be affected.

It is not too late to reconsider a permit but the ultimatum appear intractable. The bridge had been burned and the stage set for a face off. Why is it necessary to arrive at this blockage? Are there no real solutions in sight? Just give the marchers a route inside the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex under police supervision for 2 hours and the event will fizzled out. Do not play with human emotion. It has been shown to be lethal and powerful enough to down a government or dictator.

Update July 4. Further to the King's advice to both BERSIH and the government to negotiate a solution Najib offered THIS solution. Why has it got to be commanded by the King to have this option given?

Another support for using a stadium HERE.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i still want to get into a time machine and press the button to the 6o's not that i dont want to speak out(but you can bet your bottom dollar my vote will count)its just that whatever anyone says for the good of MALAYSIA we all love so dearly is being twist and turn like the rock and roll dance by greedy politicians who will not worry if the public suffers as long as they get the political milege.I sincerely pray and hope that common sense prevails over egos.For God sake others not involved like SILAT,PERKASA,NGOS and political parties etc, please shut up and dont talk of confrontations and make matters worst.Let the organisers talk it out with the police so that an amicable solution can be found that does not disrupt the peace and security we all love in MALAYSIA.GOD SAVE US ALL.FR AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

If the rally does not materialize it would have achieved its purpose of drawing people to the conclusion that the government does not believe in free and fair elections. I shall await the day Najib announces the dissolution of parliament to pave the way for the 13th GE. It will see BN trounced to shame unless emergency rule is imposed but I doubt it will come to that. Let us pray that May 13 will not be repeated on July 9. Peter.


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