Friday, July 08, 2011

Stirring Shit

Reading THIS report this morning, I thought the UMNO politicians are really wading into deep shitty water trying to read too many possibilities into the King's agreement to meet Ambiga and making him to be like a puppet. Doesn't the king have his rights and discretion to see whom he likes even in his official role and what about his own belief? If I am to give my 2 cents worth it is this. The king is worried that riots and police clashes will erupt on July 9 and wants to exercise his peacemaking role to prevent it. As a fatherly figure he ordered both PM Najib and Ambiga to negotiate an amicable solution. As a fatherly figure he has a right to meet up with his subjects with a grouse, in this case Ambiga representing BERSIH. If Najib can have access to the king why are other groups or citizens denied and if the king agree to meet them who are the rest of his subjects to question his decision? Using the legal or illegal status of BERSIH is questionable. It is only Hishamuddin's opinion that BERSIH is illegal, no judge has declared them to be. In the mindsets of many Malaysians, BERSIH is as legal as the 62 NGOs it stand for.

Najib was quick to respond to the king, offering BERSIH the use of a stadium in place of a street march. For awhile Malaysians heave sighs of relief that a solution is eventually found. BERSIH agreed and wanted Stadium Merdeka. The government said NO, the police said BERSIH must apply for a permit for a public gathering, Hishamuddin said as BERSIH is illegal the police cannot issue them a permit, someone else have to apply for a permit. Another UMNO minister, Rais Yatim, waded in and said no stadium in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur can be used and told BERSIH to hold the event inside a stadium within a state under the administration of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat. Fine, the Shah Alam Stadium seems an appropriate choice but the police once again frustrate the movement by insisting for a permit. Read HERE.

So we are back to square one. BERSIH finds itself cornered and checkmated into submission have announced HERE that they will meet in Stadium Merdeka as planned.

A simple order by the king to resolve a simple public event that the police could have easily managed has now turn into an uneasy and international news by the refusal of the government to be willing to be a peacemaker too. I await the development of the next 30 hours and pray that no one is going to sabotage the event, putting the blame on the organizers and Pakatan Rakyat, and risking public disorder and violence. May God be merciful to Malaysia.

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