Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seremban Growth Corridor

A massive development project is being undertaken right outside my backyard. Not literally but if you look at the location map HERE as well as the masterplan HERE you will see how very close Bandar Sri Sendayan (BSS) is to where I stay, Rasah Kemayan. We are squeezed between BSS on the left and Seremban 2 on the right. Right now property value in Rasah Kemayan is below market as buyers are more attracted to infrastructures rather than spaciousness but this may be RK's selling point in the coming years when buyers discover the privileges of open space and relative tranquility in a country living environment. As and when the connecting road between RK and BSS is built I expect the real estate in RK will be better appreciated.

Last Sunday we took a slow drive into BSS and looked at the design of the CosmoNix double storey semi-D house. We love the sensible and practical layout, especially the 2 rooms on the ground floor concept which seems to prepare for elderly living with a live-in maid. Thoughtful and should be emulated by other socially responsible developers. The price was also affordable at well below RM600,000 and best of all the quality workmanship and furnishing are mouth watering. Unfortunately the project is too far away for us to consider investing. Later we looked at another semi-D project nearer our home and found it wanting.

The desire for new things is always prompting but the feel of familiarity always pulls one back. To me it is very true. It is difficult to justify going somewhere else from a place my eyes, my ears, my entire being have grown familiar to. The sound of a distant drone of passing cars tells me that this is my home, and the screeches of birds on the tall trees outside my gate in the evening. And the absence of commercial vehicles especially trucks and buses make this place quieter and less polluting. My house may be 15 years old but it has a charm that visitors like. Maybe I need to maintain it more but I'll wait till my new neighbor is done with his rooms extension project first.

Photo Credit: www.1sendayan.com


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.”Its so difficult to venture into new surroundings and get adjusted,9 out 10 times you longed to be in your old home after moving somewhere new at least until you really settle down to the new lifestyle which may or may not take a long time depending on yours and the family whims and fancy.Then again is it worth it the time taken?Looking at the place you are in now RK,there is only one way the property value will go and that is UP and UP in a few years time mark my words MY FRIEND.REGARDS FR AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Al, as a homeowner it does not matter if the property price goes up but more importantly the security, clean surroundings and maintenance which residents look forward to. It has been almost 12 years I've stayed here and it is still quiet. God knows when investors discover the gem then this resort-like project will take off and it will not be as nice as now. But I'll adjust. Better to have more people around than less. Thanks for your comment. Peter


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