Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Mother's Day

Yesterday was made for my mother. If you don't believe, ask her. She had been looking towards this day since earlier this year when I went home to see her on Chinese New Year and promised her that we will celebrate her birthday this year on the actual day according to the lunar calendar. I told my siblings to set aside this day to be home. I believe day in and day out my mother had been longing for this special day to arrive, so much so that when I saw her on 28th her calendar is already displaying 29th! Her birthday.

An old person doesn't hope to live for many more years. Mother said this may be her last birthday on earth. I said no, every year hence we will celebrate her birthday in a grand way. To an old person crossing a year is akin to a high jumper scaling new heights when he sees the crossbar above his eye. Therefore every senior birthday is a RA RA day, like telling the birthday kid, you've made it! At the end of last night's dinner, as I was settling the food bill, the proprietor commented my mother looked young and healthy. I said her condition is due to her positive outlook in life due to love and support from her family. Incidentally she is the grand matriarch and the last surviving member of her generation.

During the drive to the restaurant last night my car CD coincidentally played the Happy Birthday song. It was unplanned. So we sang and wish her happiness and good health. Mom was contented and sang along.

At the restaurant more than half the guests were already seated and mother went round greeting her friends. They belong to her church. I was shocked that the expected turnout would be TWO tables more than the 10 we booked. All ended well when we added two more when the non-birthday diners vacated their tables and we took over theirs.

Dinner started on time at 7.30pm with my mother's pastor praying for her longevity and gave thanks for the food. Midway through we set up the birthday cake and my pastor brother sang to mom a special birthday song before we all arise to wish the birthday girl many happy returns of the day. Cameras flashed as this special moment was captured digitally for posterity. And after the guests have left we took turns to take group pictures with our beloved mother and grandmother.

Our heavenly Father smiled upon my mother and granted her a special birthday yesterday. May He continue to watch over her for many more years to come.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,reading your n3 "My Mother's Day",i can tell your mother had a wonderful and memorable 86th birthday.Well done for being a good and fillial son.I am glad to see that family bondage is still strong in this modern & trying times.GOD BLESS,and may your mother have many more birthdays.Best Regards AL.

Peter Yew said...

Thanks Al for your kind wishes. My father gave us all equal love and education. We 5 siblings took the golden opportunity yesterday to visit his grave and speak with him and took pictures. It was as if he never left us 13 years ago. Peter.


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