Friday, July 01, 2011

The Malaysian Government I Want

I want a government that respect citizen rights, especially minority rights, since their interests are often overlooked and exploited because they don't have the say to defend what are due to them. I want a government that respect alternative views and suggestions, even from their political foes, for the sake of adopting the best decisions. I want a government that care for all citizens without being appealed to. I want a government that is compassionate to those who are disadvantaged and will stand up for them and be their champion. I want a government that treat the people as if they are family and will protect them, whatever their race and background, anywhere in the world. In other word I want a government I am proud of, that I can trust to be my protector and defender, to whom I can be loyal and revote into power. And I want a government to whom I can trust my children and grandchildren to. This government must be good and trusted stewards of our national wealths. In other words, a corruption-free government responsible to Malaysians of this and future generations.

Today I've decided to give my moral support to the Bersih 2.0 rally by placing the banner above until 9 July 2011 because the government must seriously look into its shortcomings and because the organizers have put their lives and future in jeopardy in fighting for a reformation of our flawed electoral system that creates loopholes to manipulate electoral results and favor their outcome to the government in control. This will frustrate the citizens from electing lawmakers of their choice and therefore interfere with their constitutional rights to choose a government they desire. My appeal to the government is this: Fight Fair and may the Better Man Wins.

I am not doing this to support hooliganism but credible and concerned Malaysians who want a more just order. The police should allow the rally and monitor the participants to ensure their objectives are met peacefully. They are fellow Malaysians. Prime Minister Najib Razak has given the full responsibility of ensuring law and order to the police. It is time they live up to their role as security provider for the people.

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