Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Loveliest Sound

To a mother it must be the first cry of her newborn child, to a young man in love, sweet 'hello darling' over the phone, to a student waiting for his exam results, 'you've got 11As!' and to a patient awaiting his medical exam results, 'you are healthy, nothing abnormal'. To a grandfather, I think it is the conversation with his grandchildren.

Let me share with you my unspoken joy when my grandchildren converse in their unadulterated innocence what's on their mind and I reenter my very own childhood to engage them at their levels. It was thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying, beyond words, and I let myself flow into them and taste those precious seconds and minutes. Right now my 18 months grandson is babbling his sentences that I understand not a word but I babble back! Am I nuts? You bet but this moment will pass in weeks and months when he start to pick up and use words I taught him. Does he know what he was telling me? Will he remember? Does it matter?

Yet I will always remember all the lovely and happy sounds and words my grandchildren speak to me. They are more precious that pearl drops or gold. Even as they grow older we will still have our conversations between them and grandpa. And I shall teach them, share with them, encourage them and build their spirits up to be people who care for others. It shall be my legacy for them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,only a grandpa will understand what you are saying and i for one thinks and act the same with my grandchildren.The feeling is totally out of this world,feels so good and satisfying. After knowing you, although only through your writings and analizing your thoughts i have no doubts in my mind that you will definately contribute in their growing up to be someone who matters.Peter there is no doubt that your legacy will live on and on GOD BLESS. fr AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, I honestly think the best time of our lives are during our grandparenthood. Today some grandparents do not spend much time with their grandchildren especially during their formative years. I believe those are really the BEST years that no money can buy. I'm glad we share similar thoughts on this. Peter.


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