Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is a Circle

We want to have a perfect life, a perfect circle always attracts and appeals. As a kid in school we are taught how to draw shapes and while drawing squares, triangles, trapezium and rectangles are easy, drawing a circle usually ends up with the ends disconnected or misshaped and usually looking like an oval. With practice we usually can draw a near perfect circle unaided without a compass.

Life is like a circle. It starts with a dot and slowly grow into a curve that follow the direction our heart and mind set. As we grow the line grow in the direction of our life goal and if we can view it from above sometimes we find the line zigzaggy sometimes disconnected, sometimes shooting off at a tangent. But I think that our life line will always want to find its home, that is where it started when it began as a dot. We want to find closure to our life, to return to where we came from. Like a runner at the starting block, he will run his race to the finishing line, that is where he began.

I'm sure we all desire a good life, perhaps a perfect life even. We want to be able to look back often to see that the path we plotted, the plans we executed, the people we meet and befriended are all part of the larger scheme to fulfill our life's goal. If that circle is not fully round it is to be expected. This world is after all imperfect. But what many of us want is to be able to sleep assured that the race has been run with the circle finally connected. So wherever you are, is your circle taking shape?

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