Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Days

If you are 50 and above you'll smile remembering the comedy sitcom of the 1970s entitled Happy Days. Remember The Fonz (acted by Henry Winkler, seated above), the vain one who's always combing his slick hair to impress the girls? I love the TV series which always remind me of those beautiful days when I was launching out my life after graduation, getting married and starting my career. Happy Days was about life in a mid-western city in America during the 1960s. It made me think of my own life around that time and it was a happy memory. East or west, people all share the same cravings to be happy and youth was always the best time to express them. We did not understand then what responsibility is and sacrifice was an unknown human quality. It was only when we become adults that we realize how good being young was, and even today we yearn to be young still. Our pursuit for happiness begin to take a back seat as we grow older. Building career and rearing a young family become top priorities. Many a couple lapse into a relationship that is lacking in vitality and oooomph. Those who became disillusioned succumbed to separation and even divorce. Those who survived are able to rekindle their past and revive happy days of their own, holding hands and hugging each other in old age. It is wonderful to see senior people displaying love openly.

Happiness has always been our living goal. When we cannot achieve it we rely on our happy memories to relive them. Is the definition of happiness today different from that of the 60s and 70s? Perhaps the nostalgia of watching and listening movies and songs of yesteryears really help restore our happy days.

This may be the reason why oldies are making a comeback on television, movies and radio stations. If there is a time machine I think many of us will book tickets to go back to the era we believe will give us the feel good feelings.

I wish you happiness wherever and whoever you are, and may your smile light up your immediate space and make those around you happy too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,yes i tersenyum baca the n3 this time sure bring back memories of my growing up years.GOD BLESS fr al mal.

Peter Yew said...

Al, senyum is good for your jaws. Keep it up. And I want us all to remember Happy Days lyrics which I reproduce below.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Groovin' all week with you.

These days are ours
Happy and free. (Oh Happy Days)
These days are ours
Share them with me.(Oh Happy Days)

Goodbye grey sky, hello blue,
'cause nothing can hold me when I hold you.
feels so right it can't be wrong,
rockin' and rollin' all week long.

These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine, Happy Days.


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