Monday, July 25, 2011

Careplus First AGM

Today we awake extra early at 6am, bathed, dressed in our best, had coffee, then drove over at 7am to pick up our daughter, son-in-law and their children for the drive to Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, venue of Careplus Group first Annual General Meeting. An Extraordinary General Meeting will follow to obtain shareholders consent to 3 important resolutions proposed by the directors. This is a momentous day since the company was publicly listed in December last year. Many new developments and changes have taken place and will continue to take place as we evolve rapidly. I'm going to change and have my drink. It will be an interesting and busy day which I shall be updating here later.

The drive to Tropicana took almost 2 hours due to Monday morning jams after the Damansara Toll but we arrived in good time before the meetings start at 10am. Put up the corporate logo on the backdrop, took some pictures and signed in at the registration desk. I felt proud today as a very significant event. A few shareholders have arrived earlier than us and I greeted them. We had arranged for refreshments to be served at 9.45am for shareholders so they won't be hungry. All in we had about 38 attendance which was decent and within our projected turnout of 50.

At 10am sharp I called the meeting to order and disposed off all the resolutions and queries by 11.30am. Three shareholders were quite vocal in asking questions and commenting why we did no provide door gifts, even insisting we mail them to their houses! One asked if we can consider serving wine like some other companies do, even at the directors own expenses. We've expected such comments and I was relieved that I did not face a barrage of embarrassing questions. All in all, a wonderful first AGM to remember by.

Tropicana is troublesome to access from the south although the facilities are good. Maybe next year we will consider a different venue.


LittleLamb said...

When you run your business with Godly principles, I am sure God will bless your company richly.

Ps: now, let me lookup on your stock counter ;p

Peter Yew said...

Hi LittleLamb, thank you for the king thoughts. We will certainly exercise prudence and good governance as God would expect us to to glorify His name. It was a great AGM. Thank you for your interest in our stocks. Peter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i am sure things worked out just fine at todays CAREPLUS first AGM,CONGRATS and keep up the good work,i remember my dad used to tell me he said "Son, God helps those who help themselves" and i can see you have done good,now sit back,RELAX,enjoy life and let your children carry on the good work.God Bless fr AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, thank you for your kind words. I am fortunate to have a good partner. But all businesses face continuing challenges. Ours is no different but we trust God will watch over our welfare as well as those of our employees. Peter.


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