Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Time Managers

I receive the below article from a friend without the source given. Whoever wrote this I am acknowledging your work.

Busy people are organized because they keep things in priority. Ever wonder why busy people are always on time?

Do you know people who are always late? Regardless of the event, I have friends that are always 30 minutes late. Everyone has just as many hours in the day as everybody else does, so why are some on time and others not?

Psychologists would say those who are fashionably late want to be in control or want to make an entrance so they can be the center of attention. I used to see it as being inconsiderate or wanting to show off. I think if those people wanted to be on time they could, but for whatever reason, they aren't. But for me, when I'm running late it's a time management issue.

Time management is learned. You can't buy it, you aren't born with it, and nobody else can give it to you as a gift. You have to work on it. If it's a priority to you you'll make it happen.

Here's what Time Management is to me...knowing the difference between when you have time to do something and when you don't ...that is time management. Time management is the key ingredient for busy people who seem to get more done and become more successful. Ironically it's the busy people who have more leisure time for themselves. What? I don't understand how when you are busy, busy, busy, that you can have more time for yourself. It's Time Management.

During the course of the business day when someone wants to stop you and chat, busy people will say, 'I've got to go now or I'll be late, sorry, catch up with you later.' What they are saying is, 'I've got to respect my time and the commitments I've made. I need to do this now, because I'm busy and won't be able to do it later if I stop and chat with you.'

# 1 Plan Ahead.

Busy people have a plan. They write it down on a Day-Timer or calendar. They have a schedule and they have personal things scheduled months in advance and meetings planned days and weeks in advance. They make sure there's room for impromptu meetings, hallway chats, paperwork, research and whatever they need to do because it's on the schedule.

# 2 Prioritize

They respect their plan and prioritize accordingly. Busy people put a good deal of thought into their time and schedule. Isn't it interesting that the more time you spend thinking and planning about how to use your time, the more time you have?

# 3 Delegate

Busy people effectively delegate tasks both at the office and at home. If a busy person volunteers to organize or chair a fundraiser event, they eagerly delegate to others so as not to clog up their personal or business plans.

# 4 Don't Procrastinate

More importantly they don't put off tasks they can do right now, I mean right here and right now, today, not after lunch, now.

When I'm late to a meeting and running behind time, it's usually my fault. I was either on the phone chatting, on the Internet goofing off, or was not paying attention to the time and my schedule. That's when I go back, look at my plan, my priorities and how I may have procrastinated.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I think I am a 7 in time management. What about you?


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i was brought up to remember 3 important aspect in life i.e. keep my word,my time and my promise. My father was very strict on these 3 things.He never let me forget.This have become my believe and i have also impressed upon my children as i expect them to teach my grandchildren.Now if i have an appointment i arrive at least 1/2 hr earlier.On that scale i would say i am a 10.regards fr AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, looks like your character has spilled over into your profession. Imagine them horses waiting in their stalls for you? You do great, no wonder MRA wants to keep you. Have a great weekend. Peter.

Julian said...

Good time managers are also respectful of other people's time. I got my list making skills from one of the best, which helps me prioritize and delegate tasks where necessary. IMHO, no one really plans to fail... they fail to plan. No trajectory for success is pretty much the same as rolling the dice for a chance at success.

Peter Yew said...

Those who plan always plan to optimize their time usage. Rarely do they fail and their success are exponentially higher than those who leave things to chance. Each time I run an errand I plan my route to maximize my return on time spent. You'd be surprise there are days I can accomplish 6-9 tasks in 2-3 hours because I am focused. Each time I plan a holiday I go for value and maximum return. Good time managers always find satisfaction of doing more than others. They are productive and, as you rightly pointed out, respect others of the same attitude towards time.


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