Friday, June 24, 2011

Which Brings Me To Karaoke

Karaoke, a Japanese innovation, was introduced to Malaysia around the mid 1980s and became an immediate success because it fulfilled the human desire to be a star without the spotlight and glamour. Hidden within many of us is a dream to be someone more than our normal self and the karaoke revolution that struck Asia gave many ordinary folks opportunities to test their talents. Some have even built new singing careers through such experimentations.

I love singing and used my bathroom as my stage, or sometimes my bedroom. In both instances I would be away from public eyes. As blogged earlier, I am not a public person. In 1970 I became a member of a threesome vying for a spot in my varsity residential college talentime contest. We didn't win and that was the closest I got to public performance until 20 years later when I started singing as a tenor in my church choir.

When karaoke came to town I was curious and each time there was a machine available, such as during wedding dinners or family birthdays in private rooms I would try to sing a few numbers. I am not a pro who look forward to sing for a fee because I sing for fun. My favorite karaoke song is 'Country Roads Take Me Home' sung by the late John Denver. My most recent karaoke session was at my younger daughter's birthday a few weeks ago. Due to disuse my voice is losing its strength and hitting high notes take more efforts.

Karaoking (Croaking for those tone deaf and rhythmless) continues to be my flirt at a teenage dream to be a star like Elvis or Cliff. If I had chosen that path I can be sure I would be a flop. But I would love to singalong oldies with people of like mind. It will be a fun trip down memory lane. Anyone for a session with Lobo singing Me and You and a Dog named Boo? Or Tom Jone's Green Green Grass of Home?

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