Thursday, June 23, 2011

Public Speaking

I am not a public speaker and my nature disallows me the pleasure and joy of speaking publicly routinely. Sometimes, when required by call of duty or by my official status, I would speak and confess there were moments when I wished I could have declined but could not. Because I am a person who go for 'perfection' in what I am expected to do. Most people would feel public speaking is not their cup of tea but those who seek publicity wants every chance to be called upon to speak their thoughts. You know who they are by the coverage they get in the press and media.

I was never trained to be in public eye. But as my career and social engagement progressed becoming a public figure was entrusted upon me under 'protest'. I 'received' public speaking training in my church, a nice training ground, since mistakes are less critically frowned upon (not sure if that is true since worshippers may not articulate their unkind views directly). I think I became a liturgist sometime around 1996. A liturgist leads the entire worship service and pray. He is next to the pastor/preacher for the duration of the service so holds an important role. This experience builds my confidence and ability in delivering my addresses which, as far as possible, impromptu since I 'excel' in speaking off the cuff rather than from prepared text. However, certain contents must be written beforehand to ensure their 'correctness'.

My most memorable public speaking which last more than 30 minutes was during my company's 20th anniversary cum my 60th birthday celebration in 2008. It was spoken from my heart and unprepared except for the points. I was immensely satisfied because I was given the freedom to be myself.

I wonder would I have been a qualified toastmaster? Ability wise I think I would but being one shy of being in the public I would not be comfortable or desire to be one. Public speaking is not for everybody. Especially speaking formally before a dignified audience such as involving royalties. But speaking casually would be my cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,interesting topic,yes i agree with you its not easy to speak in public so that you can drive home your message to all.I am lucky as i started work that involved transfering infomation via the broadcasting system.But they could hear my voice and my name without me facing whoever was listening to me although an estimated audience of 80,000 per day would be depending on me to relay the messages.After a short while i decided to venture into being the Master Of Ceremonies at my company functions and also do charity auctions.I was and still active in this line of work,but only for my company and any Charity project my company is involved and when there are VVIPS and royalties attending is quite a headache when i first started about 35 years ago,its easier now hahahahaha.From what i read in your old n3s you did just fine.Hey,you trying to break the 2000 mark new n3's coming in fast. ahahahaha Oh ya humble apologies written english ada slack sikit hahahahaha
take care and GOD BLESS,regards AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Wah Al you are a sifu in public speaking. Can learn much from you on developing poise and confidence. Inspirasi that allows me to write so much this month. You know, sometimes no mood and no substance. Usually ada mood but mind blank. Da tua. I really don't think I can touch the 2000 mark, never my goal unless I resort to writing rubbish. Not my style. Some more now more time at home and hogging my wireless iPad I am minutes away from commenting on what you wrote. Regards and nice dinner to you and wife. Peter.


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