Monday, June 20, 2011

Gifts that Count

7 years ago, my daughter and hubby while on honeymoon in New Zealand bought my wife and I a gift some would consider inappropriate but to us totally practical and thoughtful. Today that little kiwi nail clipper has become a popular gadget to my family from the youngest up. There are clippers large and small and of different shapes and cut curvature. This little fella fits small and large nails alike, finger or toe, straight or crooked. And it leaves clean cuts which many brands fail to match. Especially great for snipping toddler's nails. I cut my fingernails every 10-12 days and I am also grateful for it. In our recent trip to Australia it was misplaced in our luggage and got all of us anxious looking for it all over. Luckily it was found.

Have you ever craved for a nice scratch over that spot on your shoulder blade or middle back that your fingers miss by just an inch? Ahhh, a back scratcher will do the job nicely if the wife is not around to accommodate you. My scratcher bought in one of my China trips years ago broke. Last Saturday I bought a replacement from the Japanese Daiso store, an everything-you-need-for-RM5 store, in 1 Utama shopping mall. It comes with a massage ball at the other end to strike at achy spots on the back. This little gadget makes a meaningful gift to any adult of any age.

How many of us are into the habit of using a shoehorn when putting on a pair of shoes? It may be more of a western habit which I find very desirable especially if the shoes are a little tight and made of fine expensive leather to preserve its heel tabs. And you don't want to dirty your hands. I got myself a new pair of Hush Puppy shoes recently and decided to buy a shoehorn, one with a long handle so I need not bend when I put on my shoes. A sensible gift for the older man or someone with a bad back.

What else that are cheap and useful, likely to be appreciated for their usefulness? A LED torchlight keychain comes to mind. How often do we return home to a dark porch and fumble for the right house key in total darkness? The keychain torchlight will surely come in handy. Senior people with poorer night vision will find it a practical gadget to carry. Other gift ideas? How about a personalized coffee mug with maybe a picture and nice words on it? a traveler's umbrella that stores inside an aluminium tube resembling a rod handy when going for a stroll to fend off aggressive dogs as well as protect from sun and rain? or a pepper spray to fend off attackers?

3 months ago I received a potentially life-saving gift, a key-chain attachment that conceals a blade to cut through jammed seat belt during a car crash with an impact striker to crack and break a side window glass so that occupants can escape during an emergency. I have now attached it to my car key.

Gifts need not be expensive. However it must serve useful purpose and of decent quality to be appreciated. So what will I buy for friends and relatives when I next travel to New Zealand? You guess right, a dozen of NZ made nail clippers so that every fortnight or so I will be remembered when they are put to use!

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