Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Family Birthday

Last night we celebrated our younger daughter's birthday in a different way. Hubby decided to surprise her by turning up in Seremban's premier restaurant, Silver Dragon, where he'd made a room reservation. He was at work and wasn't suppose to make the trip but he did, immediately after work, all for the love of his dear wife. We kept the celebration a secret until the last moment where hubby turned up with a bouquet of roses and a birthday cake in a private function room equipped with karaoke.

It was truly a family affair in a very relaxing atmosphere. I was excited by the karaoke set and soon me and son-in-law began singing duet to Bee Gee's songs. Later we played Westlife's hit songs, like You Raised Me Up, Mandy and Uptown Girl, as well as ABBA's songs, Beatle's favorites and other current and old popular songs. Hitting the high notes is becoming a challenge as my vocal cords aren't as strong as when I was in the university. But the chance to belt out several of my familiar songs brought back youthful memories. My grandchildren found the echo microphones a novelty and wanted equal share of them.

Little Andrew who is too young to celebrate thought the mike was a toy. Finally we raised a toast to a lovely couple and family. And the children all eager to blow out the candles. In fact they were lit 3 times so each can take turn to blow them off!

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