Friday, June 03, 2011

Can We Survive Without Cellphones?

For years the cellular phone manufacturers were in denial that radiations emitted by cellphones are harmful to human health. Some of us believed and actually took preventive measures of not holding the phones against the ears or use hands-free kit or turning on the speakerphone. I guess there is truth that electronic gadgets that rely on wireless transmission to communicate with each other will cause some harm but whether it is cumulative or not is debatable. Well this subject has been brought to the forefront again with this report from the CNN. I assume we are admitting that we will soon see people developing symptoms of cancers arising from cellphone use which means we must take precautions to minimize potential risks. Especially when every household are having at least one cellphone. The trend is heading towards mobile communication so cellphone usage will definitely increase. Although I know of some friends who still believe in the fixed lines and use public phones when needed. I think they are the minority now.

My take is that radiation problem is larger than those emitted by cellphones. Every device that uses wireless communication contribute to some extent. I believe we are immersed in a sea of radiation signals of various wavelengths that we cannot see. How much risk are we exposed to? Do we care? Can we do anything about it? Is convenience more important than our health?

I admit that since my house became wireless I am inviting more radiation inside our home-space. But I still believe we are not at high risk, yet. As for cellphone use I use the speakerphone as often as possible. The major concern is on our youths who use cellphones extensively to chat, listen to online or stored music or video chat. Each time the phone transmit and receive signals radiation boost up from the device which impact our body in close contact. Our children must be educated and protected from potential health risks. The enormous health costs that can arise from this trend is unimaginable. Industry, government and families must collectively work towards a defensive usage of all wireless devices to create safer environment for our children.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,remember our times when there was no H/P we got along just fine with housephones and public phones,also we cycle to friends house if urgent,nowadays the youngsters semua ada H/P,and they speak for hours non stop and even sleep with charging the H/P close to them,its a worrying trend.regards AL MAL.


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