Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are You A Teacher?

This startup line was used on me several times when I was introduced to strangers and I curiously asked them what made them think so. Did I have a 'teacher' look? Of course all I got was a smile and no reply. I would examine myself and thought perhaps I looked authoritative or stern to qualify the description. Or I looked 'knowledgeable' whatever that mean since it is a subjective and unquantifiable mask. The truth is I am not a teacher but I had spend several months many years ago teaching. Maybe that gave me a 'teacher' look.

My first teaching exposure was during the first semester of 1968 to a class of secondary students in a private school in my hometown. I had just finished my Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam and awaiting my results pending enrollment as undergraduate in the Universiti Malaya. The money I earned was used to buy me a secondhand motorcycle so I can move about in university.

But I was involved in teaching earlier as a tuition teacher in 1967 to my landlord's daughter. I still remember her name, Ms Gooi Lee Peng. It would be nice to catch up with her.

My final teaching experience was immediately after my exam in university. In January 1971 I joined the Methodist Girls School in Klang, Selangor as a science teacher. I was popular with the girls who were in Form 4 and I believe one or two had a crush on me (wishful thinking?)

Thereafter I joined the industrial sector working my way up to where I am now, as chemist, production and factory manager until I started my own business in 1988. The rest is history which you can read elsewhere in this blog.

I sometimes wonder would I have been a good teacher since people have connected me to that career. I think that knowing my character better now I would be a great teacher because of several desirable qualities exemplary teachers must have. I myself have been taught by great teachers who've influenced my attitude.

Firstly I believe in nurturing children and youth in developing their potential through encouragement and right exposure to knowledge and moral values. Secondly I believe I have good interactive skills with them being a good storyteller and buddy with them. Thirdly I am strict but fun so my students will accept me as a good role model. Successful teaching is founded upon strong bond between teacher and students. The fundamental role of teachers is to encourage and instruct, not forgetting setting the right example himself to be emulated. My weakness would be my lack of patience.

Is my not being a teacher a loss to the teaching profession? I think so but their loss is some other profession's gain. Right now I'm apply my teacher skills to my grandchildren and I hope they will grow up to be responsible, proactive, moral and productive citizens. I am seeing that in my children so I guess I've done right as a father teacher too. Perhaps I can be a good counselor to students and undergraduates to help them identify their future directions.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,ARE YOU A TEACHER?Startup line for you i think is quite expected.When i first gotta know you thru the cyber world and visited your blog and looking at your photo in the profile column,the thought did cross my mind.I must explain why, you do have that trustworthy and knowledgable look and one would be glad to learn from you.Hence the teacher image comes to mind.Yes you are a great teacher you be knowing or not as i remember when i first joined the malay silat at a very young age,my Guru,told me my first mission in life must be to teach,firstly my children and in order to do that i must set a good example,then only he said you will truly be a MAN OF SUBSTANCE and this i see you have achieved.i can see through your writings that you have been a good role model to many especially to your family.For me as an outsider to notice, is itself an achievement second to none. Well done and GOD BLESS.regards AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Al, even you think I am a teacher? Alamak! Wrong profession, too late to change now. But think of it, all of us have teaching roles, isn't it? Every word we speak to someone, as long as it helps the listener grow in knowledge and develop a good attitude towards self and society, makes us teachers. In this sense we are both teachers. Haha.

You have been overly generous in heaping praises upon me. I realize I am now engaging with a true man of substance in yourself. I am please to have known you. God bless. Peter

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,i call a spade a spade.Thats how we were taught during our time of growing up and credit will always be given where credit is due.We express ourself as we see it and all comes from the heart not just for the sake of interacting.Will make an effort to see you soon.GOD BLESS.FR AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, I accept your compliments with a gracious heart. Yes, hopefully we can meet soon to learn from each other.

Kind regards, Peter.


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