Monday, May 16, 2011

My Happiest Day

Would be when I am recognized for what and who I am. And I don't hope it to be when my eulogy is read for my earthly ears would be sealed beyond hearing and my heart dead beyond responding.

Up to this point I guess my happiest was when my company was publicly listed last December. It was the culmination of 22 years of business endeavors not without growing pain and anxieties. It is almost like a son becoming his very own at his 21st birthday and you proudly release him to be his own man.

In the years of building up my family and my career I also stumbled into church, not by chance but by divine will. God was and is still very much in our lives, family and business and I give thanks to Him for His grace. My journey with my church is as long as that of my business. Through it all I am proud to have a great family.

But I have my sorrows too. My country went off tangent from the blessings I received. My past was happier times because there was less me and more us. Now it is the reverse and I have become part of the new culture. Each year we cross May 13 anxiously, some of us still stock up rations for emergencies (I did not) or stay alert for any sudden newsflash or SMS. The foundation for national unity was not well laid after the 1969 incident. So many of my contemporaries will continue to reflect sadly was why as a nation we never grew up. My happiest day to supercede that above would be, in my lifetime, to have a new just and people-centric government established to heal our wounds and restore our dreams. That, above all else, would even make Malaysians the happiest people.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Yew,i fully understand the feelings from your heart but i also feel that MALAYSIA,is still a heavenly country to live in for all. In every perfection there is always an imperfection and vice versa. I believe and still do there is a balance here in our beloved country.In a democratic country where voters makes the difference and so who do we blame?Voicing out our feelings is good for all,keep saying your feelings for all to weigh the good.Regards and best wishes fr AL MAL.P/S CONGRATS FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE LISTING OF YOUR COMPANY.Iknow its not an easy task and there is bound to be trials and tribulations which obviously with your dedication and hard work and with divine intervention you and your family is able to overcome.AL MAL. Oh yes sorry if i have offended you in anyway but it was never the intention.Again my humble apology in advance.

Peter Yew said...

Dear AL, we grew up in a country many envy. Although we are still a nation of choice to immigrants from some countries I believe we've lost much competitive edge. Yes, voters are by and large to blame for not checking the rots in our government but it is not too late. As for voicing our feelings we cannot suppress counter views. However I am sad at the poor civil manner how we argue out our cases. We can be open but careful to treat one another with respect.

AL no offense taken. We all mean well, isn't it?


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