Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handling Change

In a competitive world, change is the end result. Perhaps I should even say that change is inevitable in a healthy environment. However, I disagree with too much or too vigorous change. The human race cannot handle rapid change. In a short cycle, yes, but not for a long period. We need rest to recover from the stresses of managing change. Just consider the life of an air traffic controller or a stock broker. Both deal in a rapidly changing environment and put lives and money at risk if they misjudge in their decision. I believe they will be tired and need time out to recover. The long term damage to their health as well as their relationship with others may be worse than we can imagine.

I hate too much changes. I lived through the years when there were so little changes that, by today's standard, they were boring time. When there were few changes, we can devote more time to building relationship, relaxing and enjoying this life. Many of us scream for such opportunities but it seem we are trapped in a spinning world in which if you stand still you become irrelevant or a has been. No wonder there are so many products that claim to help people to relax.

How can we handle change we hate to be a part of? My first suggestion is to be bold and sure of what you want out of this life. Being part of the mass that moves in a popular direction does not means the best decision for you. You have to evaluate what is good for you and follow your senses. Not all change are good. It is up to each person to find out which to accept and what to reject.

Secondly, I would say that we need to listen to our body. We should not be traveling long distance on a superhighway without a rest stop. We need to take breaks and reassess if we have detoured from our intended goals. We need to service our bodies to keep them healthy and fit.

My third point is to be protective of your social grouping. Be with people who can contribute positively to your social growth. Stay away from ill habits that can derail your plans to be successful. Where possible, be the energizer and mover of good change.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chew,cannot agree with you more regards to changes,but take it into own strides,rest when we cannot cope,relax unwind and listen to songs that can soothes your mind and never go to bed angry,its just not worth it,and listening to the songs on your playlist you have i am sure adapted to changes and handling it quite well,regards and enjoy watering the plants and keep dancing,fr one old school tie to another...ahahahaha al mal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Yew,my humble apologies for the wrong name in my 1st comment, address you as Mr Chew instead of Mr Yew,my thousand apologies,i am most impressed by your blog keep it up again my seribu maaf,regards and keep dancing and never go to bed angry al mal.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, small matter that is easily overlooked. Main thing is we share thoughts on subjects mutually beneficial. Enjoy your days and stay well. Peter


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