Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Day without Blog

Like all bloggers and readers of Blogspot accounts I wondered the whole of yesterday what shot down Blogger. Am I glad that it is restored this morning. Yeterday's post could not be uploaded in realtime but today. However, since it was about a serious anniversary of my country I tweaked the post date to coincide with it instead of today. Hopefully our missing posts and comments will be restored soon. Here's explanation given.

Blogger is back
May 13, 2011 — permalink

What a frustrating day. We’re very sorry that you’ve been unable to publish to Blogger for the past 20.5 hours. We’re nearly back to normal — you can publish again, and in the coming hours posts and comments that were temporarily removed should be restored.  Thank you for your patience while we fix this situation.  We use Blogger for our own blogs, so we’ve also felt your pain.

Here’s what happened: during scheduled maintenance work Wednesday night, we experienced some data corruption that impacted Blogger’s behavior. Since then, bloggers and readers may have experienced a variety of anomalies including intermittent outages, disappearing posts, and arriving at unintended blogs or error pages. A small subset of Blogger users (we estimate 0.16%) may have encountered additional problems specific to their accounts. Yesterday we returned Blogger to a pre-maintenance state and placed the service in read-only mode while we worked on restoring all content: that’s why you haven’t been able to publish.  We rolled back to a version of Blogger as of Wednesday May 11th, so your posts since then were temporarily removed. Those are the posts that we’re in the progress of restoring.


Peter Yew said...

If they keep to the promise they should restore everything we've posted, including the comments, up till the shutdown. Give them another few days.

Irene said...

One of my reader's comments disappeared. I read it there, then it disappeared the next thing I knew. Still never reappeared. Ahh well.


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