Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's the Cost?

We flew off March 30 night, stayed from March 31 until April 5, and flew off April 6 night to arrive Kuala Lumpur International Airport on April 7 morning. We spent 7 full days in Australia (3 in Melbourne and 4 in Sydney). Excluding international air fares (but including domestic flight from Melbourne to Sydney) we spent around AUD 5,000 for 4 adults, which average to about AUD 1,250 per person (or RM3,800). This cover accommodation, food, tours and souvenirs. If we add in international air fare and taxes of about RM2,800 per person, we spend individually RM6,600 for the entire holiday which is commendable compared to group tours.

Note: I intentionally left out the cost from the 2 children as they are negligible.


Steven said...

You are so rich.. RM6600 just like a small amount for you.. =)

Peter Yew said...

Steven, what price memory and relationship? RM6600 may be cheap to have a great experience outside of our daily chores. I believe whatever the cost of a holiday the aim is to convert money spent into a well earned encounter with something new. I wish you my best.


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