Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sydney Cove and the Taronga Zoo

April 4 2011 will stand out as a great day to us. For the first time we got to see the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from vantage points of the ferry taking us out of wharf 2 of the Circular Quay on Sydney Cove. The weather was lovely. As the ferry shoots northward and then eastward out of the cove towards the Taronga Zoo situated in Mosman, I caught the Rocks on my left and the majestic Sydney Opera House on my right. Then looming off my left after the Rocks was the imposing Harbor Bridge, the site of many fireworks for New Year Eve celebrations. This is the ferry we took to the Zoo.

During the short 12 minutes ferry ride I took some of the pictures below.

It was still early and the Sky Safari cable car station at the ferry point has not opened so we were driven in a crowded shuttle bus to the top entrance of the zoo. The price for an adult is AUD44 which is pricey but kids below 4 enter free. My wife and I thought we could qualify for discounted senior fare but was disappointed to learn that we have to be above 65 years. It was a Monday so there were not too many visitors (I was wrong!) but when we got to the Seal Show at 11am almost all the seats were taken up!

Ling had her first opportunity to pat an Australian creature, the blue tongue lizard.

We got back to Circular Quay to catch another ferry from wharf 3 to Manly Beach. For the first time we ate from Hungry Jack's burgers, Australia's leading burger chain. It tasted pretty good, like Burger King.

From the look of the next picture it is obvious we were tired.

Our main mission wasn't to swim but buy tee shirts. Stanley discovered a shop that sells quality Australian made tourist tee shirts for AUD6 each and altogether we bought 20, and other souvenirs. Our trip back from Manly was marred by rain that almost got us wet. Part of the ride was choppy and windy. I will always remember pushing Ling on her stroller from the George St train station back to Meriton about 8.30pm, just in time for Stanley to head to the Meriton Food Court to buy some lovely hot Chinese and Korean food sold at 50% discount as it was near closing time. We were too tired to eat out but to wash up and get ready for bed. Tomorrow will be another full day.

Just as we were getting to bed, I heard sound of lashing rain on the tower glass panels.

I am just glad and thankful that we made it back in one piece. And we forgot to bring along our umbrellas! Nor willing to buy one, trusting on our instincts instead.

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