Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off My iPad

I brought along my iPad during the walkabout at the Quay on our last day. It is a great companion to keep an accurate account of the events. Here is what I wrote.

It's 11am on April 6 and we are sitting at wharf 2 area in the arc cafe having our late breakfast of Turkish sandwiches and coffee. It is slightly drizzly. The silver gulls are all around waiting for food. Ling was trying to feed them crumbs. I am overlooking the Harbor Bridge and ferries. The CityRail is rumbling just behind me. We had arrived here by it from the George St Town Hall station. Lots of people were walking along the quay. To our right is the Opera House out of sight. But we will be walking there shortly. Had just called Julian and Mei.

The banners on the flagstaffs along the quay were fluttering gaily in the wind. 30 yards away sound of the aboriginal didgeridoo music filled the air. An aborigines was seated on the floor bare chested and selling boomerangs and other tribal trinkets.

Everywhere we go we observed mostly Asian and non-local waiters and waitresses, some are students on part time work. We also see many young families with babies on strollers. And young people in pairs or small groups. Did not see much of unhealthy cultures although there were 2 or 3 adult shops near Meriton.

1130 hrs we walked to SOH. The weather alternate dull to shiny but I was able to capture many memorable pics. Noon we decided not to go to the nearby botanic garden as weather looks unpredictable. We walked along the covered quay buildings to the bridge. It's windy but nice. Everybody appear cheerful. 1215 we walked pass arc cafe. The haunting didgeridoo music drifted in. Suddenly someone came towards me and greeted me! It is Raman! With his sister and brother in law and family. Raman looks great. We chatted for 15 minutes and took pictures and videoclips. Then we parted way and gave him a canister of fine grade pu er Chinese tea as meet again gift. The weather was so variable, changing every minute from sunny and warm to windy and chilly. We strolled towards the bridge and rested at the Rock. It is past 1pm. Ling was tired and slept in her buggy. Andrew was active again, walking about making friends with strangers.

1330 we walked back from the Rocks towards the museum of contemporary arts and rested with students and silver gulls for company before walking again to the cityrail to go back to town hall and walk to victoria galleria where we had simple sandwich, totilla tuna wrap and fried rice for lunch at 1415. Ling awoke in a bad mood but recovered. QVB and the Gallery has nothing much to offer being high end shopping mall do we walked out to the Pitts Street Mall and Westfield which are lots livelier. All the walking is very tiring although the weather is very good. We decided to walk back to the Liverpool St and stopped by Gloria Jean's Coffee (Australia's Starbuck) for drink and snack. It is 5.20pm.

Rested until 6.30 pm and then returned to Meriton to pick up our luggages and called a maxi taxi to drive us to the airport. Fare is AUD 60. Driver Leon, an Ukrainian who migrated here 18 years ago is a nice man with 3 grandkids. At the security we have to empty all the drinking water but they allow water in baby feeding bottles. We walked to gate 54 at 8.45pm to await our flight. Called Moonnie, Sean, FIL and Mei to make full use of the prepaid SIM here. Later we swap our Maxis SIM back into our handphones. Tomorrow I will begin checking for a replacement phone for myself.

At the departure lounge met an old friend from Seremban, William, who is flying back to attend a wedding dinner that we will be going as well. Small world.

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