Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy in the Quay

My son joked that this year I will celebrate my birthday in 2 places. Technically true. On April 6 we will still be in Australia but that night we will be flying out back to Malaysia. If I were to pick on preciseness we will still be over the continent of Australia at midnight of April 6 so my son is wrong. But he is technically right too if we consider the international flight MH140 at 40,000 feet above sea level a 'different' country.

We checked out of Meriton World Tower at 10.30am and left our luggages in their holding room while we made our way out for breakfast and sightseeing of the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks and Harbor Bridge, to generally feel the ambiance of leisure and carefree living, and of course the clean and cool atmosphere that is so un-tropic. Every holiday should have moments like this built into it and most tours have them. It is called free and easy time but most tourists misused them for last minute shopping rather than absorb in the sights and sounds on the last days. I appreciate the well thought out itinerary to leave our last day in Sydney and Australia to feel the mood of expansiveness of the grand harbor view and the pleasantness of watching silver gulls eyeing our sandwiches, gaiety around us and a sense of 'Well done, Sydney!' before we truly say goodbye tonight (April 6).

Ling will surely miss such moments when she gets home and start attending nursery again.

Last shots of Meriton before we gave up our keys.

We took the CityRail again into Circular Quay. It may seem to you that CQ is where Sydney throbs its hearbeats and I can confirm that if you go to Sydney and miss out this part of the city, you have not been to Sydney at all. Around 10am we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Arc Cafe. Ling was in her elements again. Throughout the holiday she has thoroughly enjoyed herself and was mischievous and playful.

We then strolled along the quay boulevard leading to the Opera House when I detoured from my family to snap as many pictures as I can of the lovely cove and iconic symbol of Sydney and Australia. What baffled me was the ever changing weather. One moment sunny and the next cloudy, breezy, drizzly and then sunny again. It is totally unlike Malaysia when the weather stays almost unchanged for hours, and when it does change, stays that way for at least another hour or more. Here are samples of the pictures I took in my walkabout at the Opera House area. Notice the cloud patterns and you'll see what I mean.

Although a leisurely day the amount of walking is no less than our day at the Zoo. After we're done at the Opera House (we did not attempt to enter nor go to the adjacent Royal Botanic Gardens) as there are steps to climb and the weather unpredictable. We thought safer to move towards the shops instead and head to the Rocks and Harbor Bridge.

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