Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Around My iPad

It has been 4 months since I acquired my iPad and admittedly my life have evolved around it, no thanks to the wireless 24/7 internet connection I subscribed around the same time. And it has been addictive which is something I must watch out.

I must say I feel a little envious of people who recently bought the latest iPad 2 which is slimmer, lighter, faster and at the same price. I have this to say against iPad: the Apple iOS (operating system) controls the way I use it and does not give me the freedom to configure the way Windows OS allow me to do. But using the iPad forces me into a set way of doing things which has its good point. There is just one way to view pictures and one way to watch video. You cannot install other viewers of your choice unless they are available as apps in the App Store either for free or fee. Another thing that I dislike of iPad, in fact 2, is that 1) I cannot run my Office software and 2) I cannot move my files in/out unless I go through the iTunes program using its proprietary USB cable through its one-only port. Apple forces its users to follow its rules and had the product been poorly received if not for Apple's outstanding graphic display and trend setting touch screen navigation technology the iPad would have been less successful and definitely not enjoying the position as market leader in tablet PC segment. I for one am impressed by the true to life picture quality which makes me a forgiver of what iPad failed to deliver to my liking.

I should have considered the 3G model instead of the Wifi only model. After awhile I realize that the Wifi model is like living in your own country and when you go out you have no life! Which is why I never take my iPad out unless I am assured I get wifi service. Lately I learned that with the latest iPhone4 running on iOS4.3 it can wirelessly tether to a Wifi only iPad model by making itself a 3G hotspot. Viola! I get internet anywhere with this new 3G iPhone which I'm sad my non-iPhone 3G cellphone cannot be detected wirelessly on my iPad. This itself is not a justification to queue up for a new iPhone just to satisfy my ego.

My iPad is my night and my morning, and my in-between too, as long as I am home, indoor that is, and within range of the wireless modem router. It is convenient and quick on the start up. For simple tasks of checking my emails and reading the latest online news and playing children videos on YouTube for my grand daughter Grace (a great bonding exercise) the iPad is wonderfully useful. For more serious work, such as blogging, writing longer emails with attachments to send (surprisingly iPad do no allow this!) and writing reports on Microsoft Word and preparing spreadsheets and presentations on Excel and Powerpoint, my Dell Vostro 1400 laptop replaces my iPad.

Peeking at me forlornly is my 7 year old desktop nearby, now hardly used since the 3rd member of my computer family arrived. I had wanted to buy a new desktop with larger monitor but with mobile computing taking me into a new lifestyle perhaps even the Dell Vostro will feel the threat of becoming sidelined in 2-3 years when maybe iPad 3 makes its appearance, this time with all the useful features I want to become the one-in-all computer for me to use at home and anywhere I go, including while travelling. However, no matter how good the visuals show on the iPad I hope to be able to get a large LED monitor to wirelessly connect to my iPad for work and pleasure.

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