Friday, March 11, 2011

Disaster after Disaster

Barely 3 weeks after Christchurch was struck down by a moderate earthquake made deadly because it emanated close to the earth surface and killed some 200 victims and left the city devastated and taking years to rebuild, Yunnan in China was hit by a moderate quake of 5.8 yesterday but Japan became the latest victim this afternoon when a massive quake in the order of 8.9 points on the Richter scale struck some 150km off the coast of Honshu in north east Japan. The quake created a tsunami that caused flooding and destroyed cars, buildings, boats, roads and bridges and have taken 200 - 300 lives so far, which number is expected to rise rapidly. The tsunami may trigger flooding in islands and countries in its direct paths as these targets await anxiously over the next 12 - 24 hours to brace against any tidal waves hitting their shores. The economic impact of this disaster on Japan and its trading partners is as yet unquantified but will created a dampening effect on global economic recovery. Here are a few pictures taken off Kyodo News website:

Read HERE for a report of this tragic incident. This report estimates the Japan earthquake to be 8,000 times more destructive than the Christchurch earthquake. Will the death toll be in the thousands? I doubt it will rival the 230,000 deaths claimed by the December 26, 2004 tsunami that exploded off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, killing people as far as Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. Read HERE.

How shall we read these ominous signs? Is the world coming to an end? Will we see more and more of these natural disasters occurring more frequently? How do we prepare ourselves? This is the start of the Lent season for Christians. It is a good time to reflect on where we are going should this world becomes a threat to safe living.

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