Thursday, February 10, 2011

He Ain't Heavy ...

Little Andrew has grown much since his first birthday a fortnight ago. He has started walking several steps unaided. He mumbles several baby words. He emulates us. He wave back what we teach him. He smiles infectiously. He chases away rainy days and is everyone's lover baby. But he doesn't stop there. He climbs all over us. He climbs stools, trainer, tables, stairs, anything he can entwine his legs over, including guard rails and drawer handles. And he crawls faster than he toddles so we have to be super fast to grab him before he hits the toilets, kitchen stoves, power sockets, older sister's potty and the family dog Lipton which always stand a-begging for food outside the patio grille. Andrew keeps us on our toes except when he naps. Sometimes we have to plomp him inside the playpen much to his frustration but he quietens after awhile.

One nagging habit of his that I tries to wean him off is thumb-sucking. This has been a hygiene concern although we have the floors and most objects he touch wiped and mopped daily, sometimes twice. Lovable as he is, Andrew hasn't gotten reprimanded because he is still young. He just smile and blow saliva. He just love big sister Grace who love him back unreservedly. Often they'd hug each other and dig into whatever each other is doing with little signs of annoyance and temper.

Andrew is getting heavier no doubt since he eats whatever we feed him. To prevent him from injuring himself we have to carry him sometimes, and as of now he is not yet independent to be left alone. The coming months when he starts scrambling and reaching for anything within his reach will be times we start to rearrange some of the low lying items, like photo frames, decorative flowers, remotes and my iPad and laptop! It's no wonder my house is beginning to look like a nursery!

But Andrew ain't heavy, because he is our grandson. For that matter all our grandchildren before Andrew had the same love from us and will never be heavy. If we have to carry them momentarily we will, until such times they understand that we are too old to accede to their requests or they themselves become embarrassed to be carried. Until then we will let them enjoy popo and gung gung even if it means some backaches. After all, a little ache to trade for a lifetime of great memories and days of fun is really worth it.

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