Tuesday, February 08, 2011

38 Years Ago Today

My wife and I were married 38 years ago today. To today's generation to be able to stay together this long is considered a feat when many couples look at divorce as a convenient way to dissolve a pact. In my generation a divorce is frown upon as a shame to the family and all attempts would be made to keep the marriage intact. Happily for us we did not face any major issues to force either of us to consider a road of separation but through mutual compromise and tolerance cemented by love and care we built our marriage to this day. It is inconceivable at this age to even consider going our separate ways, certainly not to traditional and 'old fashioned' Chinese thinking that we are accustomed to. After all at the last stage of our life on earth who can have the strength to deal with major relationship crisis? Old age is meant to be reaped for harvest and enjoyment, not to destroy and build up a new relationship. Certainly I want to look towards the 50th anniversary that some of my older friends have achieved. But the 40th anniversary awaits us soon.

Today my wife and I celebrated this wedding anniversary simply. We always believe in simple celebration and in thanksgiving to our God for preserving us this long. Growing older, companionship becomes even more pertinent and important, helping each other get by so our days are more bearable and meaningful. Ask any old couple, the answer will be predictably similar. Less demands on each other and seeking opportunities to recover lost moments before they are lost forever.

We still fulfill our role today looking after our grandkids and escaped for our dinner for two and a movie show in a shopping mall nearby to make today different from the other days.


Girl said...

Happy Anniversary to the best parents and grandparents in the world for without whom we would not be so blessed today.

May you enjoy many more years of happy lives in good health.

Irene said...

Happy Anniversary, Pa, Mi! May God bless you and Mi with his richest blessings of many more years of love, mutual understanding and good health!

Thank you for showing us examples and sacrifices of being good parents and sustaining a health marriage.


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