Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Unnesting Experience

Leaving the nest is always eventful. It can be a sign of freedom for some but for others painful confrontation of change. Both my granddaughter Ling and I had this feeling of separation today that is for her good. Her security level was tested when parents (and grandparents) were asked to stay outside the class area and wait outside if we want to. Ling did not like it one bit and cried but soon accepted that I can't be by her side always. Although I assured her I would be waiting outside she was not focussed or participating in the activities. Hopefully she will soon adapt and feel happy to see us leave each morning after dropping her off. Here's a videoclip of Ling on her second day in kindie. Teacher See introduced each newcomer and this was Ling's turn and she was excited. The video clip isn't very sharp as I was using my cellphone.

I was privilege to record this as I was 'assigned' the duty to bring her to the centre as her mother was indisposed. I stayed the entire 3 hours and observed her. Here are some pictures taken yesterday and this morning. Notice the boy in the second last picture? He seemed to be everywhere! Holding hand! He even brought toys for Ling to play! The blue kid she was smiling to, he is younger than Ling at 3 years old. Head teacher Adeline is the one holding up the white board. She appear very competent, and authoritative!

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