Monday, January 03, 2011

Ling's First Day in Nursery

Ling was all excited about going to school since her 3rd birthday last September. During the November school holiday her mother took her to a few kindergartens in our neighborhood to check out the curricula and facilities. The choice goes to Tadika Era Suria some 3km from our house. Two weeks earlier I brought her to choose the uniform and this morning her mother dressed her up and papa drove her and mommy to the kindy. Being day 1 for a first timer, the kindy encourages one parent to stay through to help the child adapt. Ling took along her purple sling school bag, her pink water bottle which was a Christmas present from auntie Maria and sat in the car booster seat I bought her last week.

During the orientation week, the class which starts at 8.30am will end an hour earlier at 11.30am. My future role will be to drive her back after school. Today at 11am I went there with my wife to fetch her and mommy who reported that Ling was a little sticky in the first hour but became more comfortable with the other kids later on. This is the Ling we know, a little slow in befriending other kids but once the ice breaks she will be a happy-go-lucky little girl whom we believe will be very popular with both classmates and teachers. When we arrived Ling was happily wearing back her sandles and before leaving insisted on visiting the playground. Hopefully in the coming day or so she will be able to withstand the 4 hours in the nursery unsupervised.

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