Friday, December 31, 2010

NZ = No Zoy!

Yes, no joy for New Zealanders. In THIS overview the author summarizes the calamities the nation underwent in 2010 including the tragic mine accident in which all 29 miners perished and the earthquake that rocked Christchurch which miraculously killed no one directly. The national economy is at the brink of bankruptcy. As if there is not enough bad news to end the year, a 8 year old boy fell inside a geothermal pool in Kuirau Park in Rotorua in North Island and was scalded from head to toe. His condition is critical.

I blog NZ for the special place this country has in my heart. More so when I read of the tragedy of the geothermal accident because my wife and I were at the very same park in September 2006 but did not enter the geothermal pool as it was closed. I'd like to go NZ again and I hope by then the economy will have recovered. NZ is very touristy and I hope it will earn more NZD from this industry.

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