Friday, December 31, 2010

HNY = Happy? No? Yes?

Are you happy? Really happy in spite of the financial, family and health troubles you bore in the past year? Is happiness conditional on you not facing any major problems, or is it a mindset that you can condition yourself to believe so that you can even be happy when there is sorrow, loss, tragedy? Is happiness important to have? Some people I know never knew happiness and are still contented with life. To them being happy is an unnecessary requirement in life, which many of us disagree. Maybe we need happiness like a pill to cure our problems. We have become addicted to happiness that it has become a benchmark to measure success.

We wish each other happy new year as if if not for the happy factor the new year will be less successful, less meaningful. Of late many have started replacing happy with blessed, healthy or joyful. Maybe we've begun to see other dimensions of how our future life should evolve. Happiness is a subset of something larger. Being wealthy may not grant happiness to the rich if they lack security and love. Being powerful may be meaningless if it means spending all the time defending this status and not enjoying life in general. Or being happy is just a facade to show your friends that you are well.

Is happiness conditional to others loving you and providing you your needs and security? If this is so, it is rooted very shallowly for when these people leave you then so does your happiness. I read somewhere that one must not depend on others to be happy. There goes the belief that love brings happiness, that a husband's love make the wife happy and vice versa. Can a wife be happy still if the husband cease to love her, or love her less? Is happiness a product of marriage or exists for marriage to work?

While we all want to be happy, other outlooks are more important, such as being contented, spiritually secured, not envious and industrious. Certainly happiness does not come without any efforts. A happy person is very likely someone who given his best to arrive at where he is.

This coming new year let me wish you beyond happiness. Let me wish you understanding of your true self, your true strength, your mission and purpose to yourself, your family, your workplace and your society. When you have found your niche then happiness will come naturally.

Happy New Year 2011.

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