Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prospectus Launched Today

I have been keeping a low profile all these months with regards to the impending listing of the company I co-founded. With the approvals secured from the relevant authorities, today marked our RED LETTER DAY. My partner and I together with other directors and senior management team gathered at the auditorium of our sponsoring merchant bank this morning to officially launched our IPO Prospectus which took just over 9 months to prepare. The due diligence team worked professionally, and of course, diligently as one cohesive team. I am much grateful for all their contributions. According to one of them, ours was one of the fastest to receive approval for listing and I believe it was due to the seriousness we placed upon is exercise.

As chairman I was given the honor to deliver the speech welcoming the guests and media representatives. At the symbolic prospectus launch at about 10.45am I beamed as flashes from cameras of press photographers and our in-house photographer captured the historic event. I thought I was in Hollywood or at an Emmy Award presentation like a celebrity! I guess I will not experience such attention again and enjoyed every moment.

Here is the first press release from BERNAMA, the national news agency. Last Saturday a pre-prospectus news article was published HERE.

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