Tuesday, November 30, 2010

IPad, My Pad

Malaysians who have no access to buying the iPad overseas can now buy them from the Apple Store locally from today as announced HERE. Over the past 2 months I was shown iPads by business colleagues who raved over their usefulness in staying connected, the extent depending on whether it is wifi or wifi + 3G connectivity. For those on the move surely the most expensive version is suitable but the wifi only version is likely to be most popular. In each version there is a pick of 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb storage capacity, and I suspect the mid range 32Gb is also going to be most popular.

I felt tempted to get one but wasn't sure if I am going to like it or not. Already have a notebook and a desktop and I wondered if another mobile device will be superfluous. My son who is returning for a visit gave me a choice. He will buy one and let me try. If I like it I can have it and he will get another one back in the States. He bought the wifi + 32Gb version and when we had the time to go over its features I realised I can get to live with it and even like it. Or fall in love with it. My only concern is I cannot run Office and other application softwares on it but there again the iPad was not built for this purpose. So it has to be a complementary gadget to be used in situations where I don't have to run Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Publisher (maybe there are apps that can do the jobs that I've yet to discover). This I can live with as I realise the iPad is more of a companion than a workhorse. My perception and routine has been changed since I started using it and before my son left I told him I would like to keep it.

Learning how to use iPad is not difficult although I have been a Bill Gate's 'fan' since the 1980s when I started using Windows. The catch that almost every iPhone and iPad users fall for is the human navigativity. Minus a physical keyboard and mouse, everything is done on screen. It takes a little getting use to but once familiarised going back to the old ways seem so troublesome.

Accepting iPad into my life means I have to relook at how I am using it. Since it is a wireless device, except when one wants to sync multimedia files from a PC/laptop for which a USB cable is provided, everything else is done wireless and on the Net. So in the days before my son left for home I did 2 things:

1. Upgrade my internet access package from limited hours to unlimited hours.
2. Relocate my wireless modem to an open space where the signals are more easily caught by iPad in other areas of my house.

With these upgrades came a surge of freedom and convenience I did not discover. For a slight increase in fee I can afford to leave my modem running 24/7 but to protect it and the phone line from occasional and unpredictable thunderstorm spikes common in Malaysia I installed a Belkin MasterCube surge protector for my peace of mind.

The iPad has become my pad. It sits alongside my massage chair upstairs and left turned on. When needed I will unlock it to read check my emails, read the latest news, an iBook, the Bible, listen to either online radio or synced musics or watched a downloaded/synced videoclip. When I need to bring my iPad outside my house the only constraint is to find a wifi hotspot which is becoming more and more readily available in public places like the malls and eateries. With such accessibility who needs to buy a book, a CD or get into a cinema? The iPad will soon become the owner's own world of entertainment and knowledge base. And not to forget, a child's toy too if he/she discovers its interactive features through the many childrens books and games available online for free or to buy at a low price. I am keeping my iPad protected inside its black folio casing so it will appear to my grand daughter like it is a book. However, sooner or later, she will know that grandpa has a toy that she want for herself.

iPad, my Pad, her Pad. I hate to be fighting with my 3 year old grandkid over this life tranforming Apple invention.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rick Nelson's Mad Mad World

Even in the 60s people have discovered that we are living in a crazy world. I was too young then to feel it but 45 years on I am in the midst of a culture and mindset that border on wealth acquisition and climbing the social ladder. The late Rick (I'd always call him Ricky) Nelson, the handsome American dude, sang:

Everybody's runnin' in a mad, mad world
But nobody's goin' nowhere
Everybody's gotta have more than the others
Gotta have more than their share.

Ever since the devil tempted woman with an apple
We've all had a burden to bare
Now the world keeps turnin' and things are gettin' faster
Nobody's goin' nowhere.

They say the grass is greener on the other side
When they cross over they find
Everybody's searchin' like you and me
Tryin' to find peace of mind.

See that little boy fishin' on the river
If I could just be like him
I'd close my eyes and let the mad world go by
If only I could be like him.

See that little boy fishin' on the river
If I could just be like him
I'd close my eyes and let the mad world go by
If only I could be like him.

I'd close my eyes and let the mad world go by
If only I could be like him...

If you enjoy video here it is on Youtube:

What I Will Cherish, and Probably Miss

My mind is at peace, so is my body as I sit before my laptop alone at home taking time to fill my blog with my diaries and thoughts on this Sunday morning after I've returned from church. The past 2 weeks had been cluttered with all sorts of activities and so will the next month and half. I sometimes wonder will I ever retire? You know as what most retirees do, read the morning papers from front to back and all over again, read the internet news and commentaries, water the plants, take walks, check out tour packages, have leisurely breakfast and just kill time in the mall window shopping. It is nice and perhaps boring after awhile, but to have my life interspersed between work and leisure I think will be a good balance, if I can have the final decision to choose what to do.

The listing exercise is challenging. I've been advised to be more careful with my appearance from now on, so I'm making a wardrobe changeover, not much but more presentable. As I write this my mind drift back to the 60s when the Seekers sang this ballad:

Close the door, light the light, we're staying home tonight
Far a-way from the bustle and the bright city lights
Let them all fade away, just leave us alone
And we'll live in a world of our own

We'll build a world of our own, that no one else will share
All our sorrows we'll leave far behind us there
And I know that you'll find, there'll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own

Oh my love, oh my love, I've cried for you so much
Lonely nights without sleeping, while I longed for your touch
Now your lips can't erase the heartache I've known
Come with me to a world of our own

We'll build a world of our own, that no one else will share
All our sorrows we'll leave far behind us there
And I know that you'll find, there'll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own

And I know that you'll find, there'll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own
And I know that you'll find, there'll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own

Here it is in Youtube:

The Pangkor Getaway

Amidst our busy schedules we slotted in this family getaway to the Pangkor Island Beach Resort on November 13 and 14 to coincide with the return of Julian and Winnie from the States. We received a free room upgrade from the Pacific Wing where we've stayed before to the more spacious Ocean Wing. From the ferry ride on a sunny afternoon to our departure we captured precious moments especially of Ling enjoying her dip in the pool with her new swimsuit and air ring. Throughout the 2 days we were blessed with good weather. The rest of it I'd rather let the pictures do all the talking so here are a selection of 25 of them.

Returning from Pangkor to Seremban there was heavy shower most of the way and I was caught in a sprawling traffic jam in the Klang Valley but we got home in time for a nice Japanese dinner. The day after is to be my big day: the prospectus launch that was posted here earlier.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Logo

At the analysts briefing yesterday I humored the media that we are all over town. See the parking P logo? Indeed our Careplus logo do resemble the parking sign with a difference - ours is in 2 tone colors. The letter P in the logo was conceived by myself when I first birthed the glove company in 1988. P stood for, and still stands for Protection. In all the years we pride ourselves as a healthcare protection business, never in parking! Unfortunately the name we chose does sound like Car Park! Maybe we may diversify into it one day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post Prospectus Launch Publicity

This morning the leading English paper in Malaysia, the Star, reports on yesterday's launch HERE. Already members of the public who have CDS accounts (to trade in stocks on the Bursa Malaysia) can start applying through their ATM (faster) or using white forms (slower). We lose a day today, being the Hari Raya Haji holiday, and investors need to hurry before application closes at 5pm on November 24.

The Sun Daily also reports of the launch and interview HERE. New Straits Times reports HERE. SinChew reports HERE. China Press reports HERE. Nanyang reports HERE and HERE on the pre-launch interview. Utusan Melayu reports HERE (Bahasa Malaysia) and Oriental Daily News reports HERE. All in we were covered by 8 news media and one television station, TV3.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prospectus Launched Today

I have been keeping a low profile all these months with regards to the impending listing of the company I co-founded. With the approvals secured from the relevant authorities, today marked our RED LETTER DAY. My partner and I together with other directors and senior management team gathered at the auditorium of our sponsoring merchant bank this morning to officially launched our IPO Prospectus which took just over 9 months to prepare. The due diligence team worked professionally, and of course, diligently as one cohesive team. I am much grateful for all their contributions. According to one of them, ours was one of the fastest to receive approval for listing and I believe it was due to the seriousness we placed upon is exercise.

As chairman I was given the honor to deliver the speech welcoming the guests and media representatives. At the symbolic prospectus launch at about 10.45am I beamed as flashes from cameras of press photographers and our in-house photographer captured the historic event. I thought I was in Hollywood or at an Emmy Award presentation like a celebrity! I guess I will not experience such attention again and enjoyed every moment.

Here is the first press release from BERNAMA, the national news agency. Last Saturday a pre-prospectus news article was published HERE.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pageviews Comparison

Out of curiosity I made a comparison of the 2 active blogs I managed using cubestat.com. This is what I get.

Obviously the statistics are in error especially on the pbssbn.blogspot.com. I would be thrilled if this blog is really worth $273 million! And daily pageviews of 125 million! Wow! Daily ad revenue of $375,000!


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