Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post Election Tantrum

We need clowns to make our political stage amusing. Here's one who have a diarrhea mouth and who doesn't know what not to say. Repent! he says upon analysing that the Chinese who mostly voted against the Barisan government are now benefitting from donations given. Reminds me of what John the Baptist declared to the Hebrews of his time when he said,

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near" (Matthew 3:2, NIV)

But I ask, what wrong is there in voting for Pakatan? Don't we have the freedom to voice our choice and if we don't agree with you must it means we should repent?

Diarrhea mouth doesn't belong to the 21st century. Probably 200 years ago, but not today. I tend to see his reaction as throwing a tantrum when things did not turn out the way he expects it to turn out. We should just ignore his remarks and get on with life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Desiderata - Sound Advice for Anyone

Rummaging through my old documents I found a printout of Desiderata, a poem written by Max Erhmann, a lawyer, about 90 years ago. THIS is the link to read the full poem. Ponder over each sentence and discover the wisdom applicable in every area of our lives, even today.

Be at peace with yourself, your community, your God. Love yourself. Be happy, be truthful, be positive and enjoy life. Whatever the world has become you still have the power to decide how you make it through this life. Take care.

...and Left in a Week

How wrong could we be. Exactly a week earlier I posted HERE our confidence in the replacement maid. Now we have to return her to the agency when she said she could not stand being away from her children. We asked why then did she choose to waste her savings to come over to work if she ever doubted she could not stay apart from her children? There was no answer. While we took her reason as credible we also realised she could not put her whole person into working for 2 years diligently for us. She would be always pining for home and asking to call back. This sort of problem will make her unreliable. Her psyche will become questionable and her mental state unsteady, which will affect her performance and well being of the young children we want her to look after. She quite happily write a letter asking to go home and that was good enough reason for us to drop her. It is a pity really. Just like the first maid who ran off, both can work but for their personal reasons we were unable to keep them.

Money wise there will be losses but the episodes of 2 failed maids helped us relook at the viability of depending on fulltime imported maids. Over the years we ourselves personally encountered 6 maids, all of whom have issues. Deep inside we believe we have treated them with proper accords, fed them well and pay them accordingly. So perhaps the quality of recent maids have deteriorated. Unlike maids I knew more than 10 years ago, they were much more conscientious and dependable and at the end of their services left in a happy state of mind.

I believe our experience is not isolated and many maid employers sing the same sad songs. But young children still need care beyond what mothers and grandmothers can provide. Maids are still relevant and important in our society but when they are not reliable, even if given good salaries, we need to consider alternatives. In the coming years perhaps the babysitting industry will grow. Neighborhood centres will be set up where employers do not provide creches. While this may be a solution it also affect family planning to some extent. For the inconvenience involved I expect new families to be smaller and smaller. Some couples may not even want to have kids after witnessing all the troubles their friends and relatives undergo in raising a family.

Monday, April 26, 2010

You Want Development? Wish for Death!

It is sad that in a developing country like Malaysia aspiring to be a developed nation in 10 years time (which Dr Mahathir who launched the Vision 2020 grand scheme in 1991 when he was the prime minister now lamented we won't be able to achieve it), developing a constituency has to be bribed, yes, BRIBED. When a constituency is important to the ruling government, and victory means endorsing the leadership and his policies, money will always be the grease to force the outcome of an election in its favour. The constituents will never object, why should they? As long as the incumbent lawmaker is alive they can forget special treatment from the government. It is like since the seat belongs to the government there is no need to expend extra effort or funds to secure it (sounds familiar? you do pay extra attention to your girl while you were courting her, no?) but when you have to fight to keep it you will do extra work.

The Hulu Selangor federal seat is a perfect example how ALL the top brass from the government descend upon this sleepy hollow and dish out cash and promises to keep the customers satisfied. I call it political blackmail, you should be doing it in a normal day, not while canvassing for votes. But the prime minister denies, of course. He should just come clean and admit that the by-election was the perfect opportunity to relook at how much the Hulu Selangorians have been overlooked before (it was under Pakatan so we expect less attention from the federal government) and now is the right time to make good. It will be the perfect PR spin and even doubters can be made to believe him.

Looking at the narrow margin Zaid Ibrahim lost (he actually got more votes than Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin who died) Pakatan support base did not deteriorate. It means support for Pakatan was intact inspite of the temptations offered (they probably took them but cast their votes for Pakatan anyway). It means Barisan did not get good return on their investment of RM167 million for the 1725 majority they achieved. This majority could easily came from those FELDA settlers who gave out of gratitude instead of searching their souls if Pakatan could not also solve their woes when they come into power.

We must not wish harm but in Malaysia sometimes to get the attention from the power-that-be, a death is a nice way to get some development to your home town. Such a practice must change quickly. Reminds me how teachers spend less time teaching so they can earn more giving tuition to their students? Rural Malaysians must wake up and not be bullied into voting for rewards which are their just rights, and not when somebody pass away.

Read HERE for a post election review. And how Hulu Selangor felt after the election fever left. Is the Hulu Selangor victory an endorsement of Najib's leadership? This author thinks otherwise.

Finally, a detailed analysis of who-gets-what with BN winning the by-election HERE.

Graphics courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Another Kind of Block

The police removed their roadblock yesterday afternoon but I have a different sort of block at home, a blocked sewer pipe. After my wife left for PJ after lunch Saturday and I was all alone at home I decided to investigate the nature and cause of the blockage. Using my analytical and investigative skills I acquired from my years of university education I systematically checked the joints and using water hose, wires and plunger I plodded the the pipe to unclog its years of accumulated scum but to no avail. The problem is worst than I thought. The sewer pipe flows underground from the kitchen to the exterior drain some 40+ feet away. Though the pipe was mainly straight the first 10 feet or so appeared blocked. Without suitable tools I am unable to clear it.

My wife said in December 1999 the problem happened before so it was like a 10 years recurrence. It isn't that the waste water does not flow at all, it just flow slower and since the sump which is in the kitchen itself is exposed it gives out a stank.

This morning I thought I had to call in the block buster (not blockbuster!). I remember Karen Plumbers and wonder if they are still in business. They are so I made an appointment for them to come by tomorrow morning. Let's hope their expertise will give us peace of mind for another 10 years or more.

Update: Alan of Karen Plumbers came past noon and found the cause to be a blocked gulley trap. After using an enormous amount of water the pipe was cleared. In the future we will do a monthly flush to maintain a clog-free sewage pipe for a real peace of mind.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is Police Road Blocks Necessary?

I came back from church and breakfast smack into a road jam on this Sunday morning that I could not guess why except for 2 reasons: a bad accident ahead, or a road block. It took me 15 minutes to find out, not too long for urban drivers but to me it is an unacceptable wastage of time for a half kilometer distance that normally takes less than a minute to cover. In all I estimate 500 vehicles to be 'penalised' by this Sunday duty the police dutifully performed which I suspect ends with no arrest. As I passed the team of 4 police personnel, who shut off one lane, I could see they were just carrying out their routine in a very boring manner, judging by their looks. They could have wasted half hour of their time, and earning a salary or overtime for it, but the 500 or so drivers who each wasted 15 minutes or more will not be forgiving. Wasted time, wasted petrol and wasted patience.

The police could have been smarter or considerate. Hold the roadblock at a wider section where traffic flow is kept going at 80% volume, or have a pre-screening 3-4 vehicles ahead so traffic flow faster. Nope, the police did not use their heads, nor did they care how much time was collectively wasted.

I feel road blocks serve no purpose unless they were erected to catch robbery or kidnap suspects, not to check if vehicle road tax have expired, or passengers fail to wear their safety belts. Or to meet the monthly quota that xxx roadblocks have been erected.

I could have written a longer blog but sorry, the police took away 15 minutes of my life today.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Low Blows of Malaysian Politics

(click pix to enlarge)

Yet another by-election is coming our way, the 10th since the 12th general election of March 8, 2008. This time it is to elect a new member of parliament for the Hulu Selangor constituency which fell vacant following the death of the incumbent MP. As it is typical of Malaysian politics the run up was full of surprises and dirty linen washing instead of justifying why a candidate deserves the votes.

When nomination closed there were 4 candidates, 1 from Barisan, 1 from Pakatan and 2 from no parties (i.e independents who in local parlance are nobodies but spoil sports out to distract and dilute the voting bases of the real challengers). Not surprising, 2 days after the nomination day, both independents stood down (read HERE and HERE), for whatever real reason only they and those who persuaded them know. Some Malaysian politicians have no principle at all, except maybe the money principle: buy me out if you think my supporters can consolidate your chance of winning. This is the first low blow we saw in Hulu Selangor.

Next came the stunning announcement by a dropped candidate, a neurosurgeon who was not picked by his party that favors a more prominent person. The neurosurgeon, a professional who is expected to be more ethical than most people, resigned from his party and joined UMNO of Barisan. How do people view his reaction? Somewhat childish and immature isn't it? Or maybe he succumbed to temptation of being bought out to smear his ex-party? Or he thought he was not appreciated? Or was it money again (he should be financially comfortable already)? Whatever the reason the man has no principle, as bad as the 2 fickle minded independent candidates.

With the playing field reduced to just 2 candidates we start seeing the style Barisan uses to shred their opposition. Rather than promoting the strength and capability of their man, they choose instead to smear the rival instead, calling him an alcoholic, a gambler, a reject and now a frog. But some residents of Hulu Selangor, like this one, are unfazed by all the accusations.

Pakatan did no better though not as bad. They too attacked the Barisan candidate over his dubious academic qualification (HERE, HERE and HERE), being a stooge to his political masters and his over-dependence on UMNO rather than his own party to canvass for him. Also HERE.

How do we mature into a developed society if our political leaders continue to treat us like kids? As they clown about in the political circus we are just tired of their antics and wait for the day of reckoning, when we vote based on who we feel are more principled instead of those with more cash to thrash to us. Heck, whoever wins the general election have access to the national coffers anyway to disburse funds to where the needs are the greatest so principle counts a lot. On this score I'll want a government who will treat us electorates with more respect than play silly games to make us a laughing stock to our neighbors. My advice to our politicians. Stop this nonsense and get on with what you aim for, to serve the people you hope to represent, for this is noble objective of any political aspiration. Prove to us why you deserve our votes instead of hitting below the belts of your competitors.

On April 25 we will know if the voters of Hulu Selangor bought the tricks of the politicians or decide based on who they believe will serve them with honour and justice.

(Image courtesy of The Malaysian Insider)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Replacement Maid Arrives

A month and a half after the first maid employed by my daughter ran off (blogged HERE) the agency dutifully gave her the replacement maid after we screened through a few biodata. She was of a smaller built than the ran-away maid but appeared serious to work. Having worked before she got down to cleaning the house as soon as she bathed and washed her hair. As I blog this she has been with us for just 8 hours and seems to be holding up pretty well. Being married with 3 young children we are more confident that she will seriously stay to earn money for her family back in Indonesia. As observed by other maid employers we know we can only be certain of a maid's reliability after 6 months.

Over the past 45 days both my wife and daughter jointly looked after both children. In the coming days some routine will change which hopefully will give my wife some deserved rest and free time to herself.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exercise Your Skin

Last weekend I received a gift that I really appreciate although value wise it cost little. My sister-in-law passed me a bag of loofah. Some have been bleached for scrubbing the skin while the rest are meant for dish washing. If you want to know more about loofah check this blog.

Our human skin is one of the least exercised organ (it is the LARGEST organ by the way) yet its importance is often under-rated. Perhaps the only part of our human skin that gets preferential attention is our face. Thousands of cosmetic products are out there to make our face younger, lighter and healthier. But what about the remaining 95% of our skin? I believe we all should scrub our body at least once a week during bathtime and let me tell you why.

  • Our skin is really very dirty. It absorbs airborne dirt some of which remain even after we wash our bodies. Unless we deliberately scrub our bodies these accumulated dirt will form a thick layer at selected zones like the knees, ankles, calves, armpits, neck, elbows and groin. Loofah these areas to periodically clean off the dirt.
  • Our skin lacks their workout. Apart from the occasional stretches most of our skin remain passively unworked and over time they can look dead. Have you actually study the skin on your thigh for example? Each time you rub a piece of loofah all over your body you are bringing the skin back to life by stimulating surface capillary blood circulation.
  • Scrubbing helps rejuvenate our skin and keeps it supple and youthful. Since it cannot exercise itself we should help it and achieve an overall healthier appearance and appeal without having to resort to cosmetic products. Senior people should consider using loofah for all of the above reasons.
  • Removing old skin cells through exfoliation hasten new cells to replace them hence giving the person a new skin.
  • Loofah is a form of massage very invigorating.
  • Plus if you long for that itch remover, this is it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Fear the Truth?

Nearly 9 months after Teoh Beng Hock died mysteriously the case is nowhere near to being solved. Elsewhere a simple case like this would have been wrapped up months ago but unfortunately it has dragged on and on leading to speculation that hidden hands are at play manipulating the outcome. The public is getting sick of the political innuendo that attempts to influence the independence of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, ironically created to give it more bite to solve cases linking corruptions but now finding itself a target of investigation. Has it got no courage to find the truth and deal with it, however painful it may be?

The latest development reported HERE that claims the pull out of Dr Pornthip, renowned Thai pathologist who asserted that TBH had a 80% chance of being murdered based on evidence found on his body, implicates the Malaysian authorities of interfering in suppressing the truth. Who is holding the keys to hiding the truth? If TBH committed suicide why were evidence suggesting otherwise? And why did the government pathologists coming up with weak explanations that fail to impress?

Truth is a powerful conscience and those who suppress truth shall not have a peaceful sleep or an easy death. Certainly truth will set truth seekers free but to those who suppress truth, they will be forever bonded and live in fear that truth will reveal who is the real murderer of TBH.

Sharing Joy

It has been a privilege to be with our first grand child Victoria yesterday when she celebrated her 5th birthday.Remembering the grand scale of her 4th birthday do a year ago in a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur one would have expected the ambience of this one to be the same but it wasn't and it didn't matter. After all it is not the pricey environment but the love that surrounds the occasion. Last year poor Vic was not feeling very well and actually some of her friends stole the thunder during the clown show and brother William who actually slept through his 1st birthday joint celebration was thoroughly awake at his sister's birthday at a homely German restaurant in Ara Damansara at which her grandparents from both side and her uncle and family all came to wish her Happy Birthday.

Victoria is alot more grown up since April 2009 and she did and learned so many new things in that 12 months. She went to UK for 3 weeks early this year with her parents and brother. She entered her 2nd year pre-school and made new friends and developed further her socialising skills and she started learning Mandarin recently. And yes, she started Yamaha piano lessons last year following her mother's footstep. Her allergy, well she nearly conquered it, and through her 'trial' of not being able to eat all the nice food she craved for but could only yearn, she had always put up a brave front and resist the temptation. Yes, Victoria indeed grew up a lot since her 4th birthday and we shared in her development and victory.

This morning we helped her write new memories into her 5th year when we joined her for a picnic to a popular recreation park in Bukit Kiara when children can ride their tricycles in safety and play in a creek where tiny fishes and shrimps swim by begging to be caught. All our 3 grandchildren enjoyed enormously. Ling discovered that she loves water when she rolled up her shorts and plunged into the creek to look for fries. And she just wanted to ride the tricycle that belongs to her cousin sister even in the hot sun! When it is time to go back all three just refuse to leave since they are the outdoor type.

Although I feel a little worn out trying to keep pace, sharing joy with the little ones help rejuvenate my spirit and help them develop bonds with us. And my wife would surely treasure the moments forever.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Hometown

Here's an article written about my hometown, Sitiawan. Conveniently excluded is reference to it as the hometown of the notorious Communist Chin Peng. Well, we are into a different era now where the new generation youths would say, 'Huh?' when you mention his name.

My late father would proudly pronounce my hometown as City A1. That is patriotism.

I go back occasionally to say 'Hi' to my 84 year old mother who lives alone (with a caregiver). Fortunately her house is within walking distance to the eateries, convenience shops, market, even government clinic. And yes, the recorded sound of swiftlets can be heard as my hometown is one the places where shop owners convert their buildings into breeding grounds to harvest bird nests.

My hometown is no more what I remember in the 1960s before I left for good to study and find my career. One of the reasons why I created this blog is to seal in whatever of my past that will yield sweet taste of the bygone days that my children and grandchildren will not experience but can only read of here. Go back to the '50s' and '60s' labels for more.

Followup article read HERE and another HERE.

Today Belongs to Me

I claim today as mine and no one else's. OK, maybe another 100 million people or so would challenge me for the right because we share the same birthday. Out of that maybe 2 million share the same birth year too. And of that perhaps 5,000 same birth hour, and 300 the same birth minute. But what I believe is uniquely mine is only a few would share the same birth second, so to these buddies I share this special day. Happy birthday!

I read today's Bible passage and it says:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24 (NIV)

It seems a good advice for all of us and I take it as a kind reminder to myself to know that whatever I am doing it must not be to find favour with men but to ask of God, "Do I do it right?"

This is a busy year for me. Work wise something wonderful is going to happen, but I am not telling yet. On the community service front, great things are happening too as efforts to boost fund raising gets underway. Check out THIS website and see if you can help in anyway.

Monday, April 05, 2010

It Has Been 12 Years ...

My father went Home 12 years ago, exactly to the date, today. It felt as if it was only 12 months but that's how fast time flies when one gets older. Father died of congestive heart failure in hospital. For many years before he died he could not move much. Like an engine that cannot drive a heavy load my father's heart likewise could not give him a normal life so he stayed homebound most of the time. About 10 days before he died he asked to go visit his children for he suddenly felt well enough to travel. My siblings and I were living away from father in Singapore, Johor Baru and Seremban. I think people who know they are about to go Home will suddenly gain strength to do what they want to do, to fulfil their dying wishes. Father got to see us in our home settings. He became seriously ill at my sister's house and I had to drive there to bring him to mine, the last stop. That night his condition worsened and early the next day I drove him back to his hometown. It is always a dying man's dying wish to go in a familiar setting, in his own home and on his own bed. Father did not make it to the house nor his bed. His condition was too critical and while under emergency treatment he died. My regret is I was not with him when he went and I believe he was lonely then.

Father's wish was partially fulfilled. His greatest happiness was to see his children established. His greatest regret? Perhaps not to have the opportunities to travel the world and see the wondrous places he could only read about in the magazines and see on television. His most memorable moment was when he got to visit my brother in the United States in 1992. Read about it HERE. It was his first and only trip there.

Today father is alive in our memories. One day we all will go his way to join him in our Home above. Here is a picture of my father when he was in his early 30s. Doesn't he remind you of Frank Sinatra or King Bhumiphol of Thailand?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Living Religion

Today is Easter and Christians all over the world rejoice and celebrate the resurrection of their Savior Jesus Christ. In a sense Easter has a greater significance than Christmas. At Christmas we thank God for sending His only begotten son into the world to save the world. At Easter we thank God that the death of His son is not the end of his work but rather the continuation because He is resurrected from death.

I call Christianity the living religion because it is the only religion that has a living relationship between the followers and their God. Christianity is all about now and future, the past is remembered but forgiven. At Easter Christians are called to re-assess their commitment to their faith. If we really believe that Jesus has arisen then we should not moan our past but live in the glory and power of God now and in the coming days.

Today at Easter service the church was almost full and my pastor has to cut short his sermon to accommodate the longer than usual celebration of the Lord's Supper.

The morning weather was bright and sunny. It reflects the joy and hope of what Easter brings to mankind. In moments of despair may Easter give us all hope that there is a better life beyond this world. Jesus is only a prayer away.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

State of Malaysian Nationhood

Malaysia is a country of three major and dominant races each wanting to exert their rights as enshrined in the Constitution. Actually if the Constitution is followed to the spirit there is no need to exert any rights but the manner the various races are treated have, over the past 40 years, given rise to frustrations that inevitably some people would choose to be called first by their race and then by their citizenship. Fine. It simply means that you are not loyal to your nation because of the way you are being treated, or perhaps you are less proud to be called a Malaysian (if there is nothing great about it) but proud to be called a Malay, Chinese or Indian because the race existed far longer than the nation which is after all a legal entity that bind the various communities together. So should we be a Malay/Chinese/Indian first and then a Malaysian or vice versa? Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin openly declared to be a Malay first and then a Malaysian. So he is a Malay Malaysian rather than a Malaysian Malay. There is a subtle difference here.

A person who wants to be known first by his race and then by his citizenship display his love for his race more than his country. Citizenship is secondary whatever he may declare otherwise. In another situation when he migrates he will still choose to be a Malay American/Australian/Etc. In other word, he will forever be a tenant, never a dweller, because he seeks to get the most out of where he lives, and when he sees a greener patch he moves on.

On the other hand if we are known first by our citizenry, we declare that our patriotism belongs to the nation we sacrifice and willing to lay down our lives for. Sadly there are still Malaysians who reject this as more important than race. Consider that we address ourselves now as Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian and Malaysian Malay. Implicitly it sends home the message that we are one. Upon this the 1Malaysia concept is stressed and won. Unfortunately Muhyiddin's statement is seen as going against the 1Malaysia spirit that his 'boss' the prime minister has to defend him HERE. How pathetic! Not many people are clear about what 1Malaysia is all about but on the surface a simple minded person would immediately take it to means a country where its people are treated with equality, justice and fairness. This suggest disbanding race based policies. This means Malaysianising whatever we think, say and do. Surely, Muhyiddin is Malaynising by his confession. Dreadful isn't it? It means as a DPM whatever he decides for the nation will be decided firstly in favour of the Malays, and the crumbs go to the other races. It is just like if we have put the cart before the horse, how can we expect the horse to take us where we want to go? We should put Malaysia ahead of Malay/Chinese/Indian, and then we can move forward to be a mature nation.

As long as we continue to harbor our identity upon race then Malaysia will not grow into a nation but remain a squabbling society of dissatisfied races. Sure we can never remove our race identity but stop making it as if becoming a Malaysian we cease to become a Malay, Chinese or Indian. We just need to celebrate our diversities through equal treatment. And stop politicising race and religion because these issues are really divisive and cannot contribute to building a 1Nation for our children.

Malaysia's New Economic Model

On Tuesday, prime minister Najib Tun Razak unveiled the NEM to replace the New Economic Policy that has been branded as lopsided race-based policy that overlooked the minorities. As reported HERE, the PM stated that it "will generate benefits for all Malaysians, irrespective of race under its inclusive growth goal and approach". So much for rhetorics. The real test is in the implementation of this 'model' which appear to carry less bite than the 'policy'. If this is only a model it lacks the authority that future governments are obliged to follow through. In substance the NEM appears noble.

Highlights of the Model are:

"no groups be marginalised and the essential needs of the people will be satisfied"

"inclusiveness will enable all communities to contribute to and share in the wealth of the country"

"The NEM will also ensure equality be achieved through competition that is complemented with merits and recognition"

Having lived under the previous NEP regime for 40 years to make this major shift away takes strong will and sacrifices as reported HERE. Some will welcome it as the only way to redress the brain drain and pull us back from the brink of economic disaster. Others will protest that they are not ready to face the growing challenges of intrusion of foreign competitions as we open up our economy to them. The truth is that there is never a state of readiness but rather a state of preparedness. As soon as we are ready we find our competitors outdo us. The NEM is at best a start to become more prepared to face the encroaching forces that threaten to swallow us up.

Of course there will always be shoe polishers, some of whom are out to score points or political mileage as reported HERE. The NEM is not a trophy to gloat over. It is not a victory but the start of new and hard challenge towards our survival as a nation. Najib knows too well. He does not need back patting but strong ground support. For the NEM to succeed the next 5 years at least will be crucial, and unpopular. If we can manage to entrench the NEM spirit into our political, social and economic structures then we stand a good chance of moving ahead into the 'high income society' Najib fondly wish for. It may be wishful thinking and the problem is very real since Malaysia is stuck in the middle income trap. Read HERE. But at least the NEM fires a warning shot to the nation and especially the policial leaders that the time to reverse the stagnation of our nation building is now, read report HERE.

In today's report we are told not to expect instant transformation under the NEM, that we can only expect to feel its benefits in 5-10 years. This is unacceptable. It imply some resistance in the first 2-3 years that the NEM will not start to produce results. If the NEM is implemented without delays positive effects must be felt within 2 years, if there is political will to see it become reality, against all odds, which will be great but not unsurmountable. It is time for strong political leadership rather than pandering to popular leadership. Strong medicine is needed now.

Can Najib do it?


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